City staff perform inspections during various phases of a project to ensure that construction conforms to the approved plans, including applicable codes, regulations, and bylaws.

It's your responsibility and it's in your best interests to ensure you have the proper permits and inspections performed, for safety, liability, and resale. Note that per the BC Building Code (Division A, Section 2.1 Compliance), the permit holder is fully responsible for compliance with the Code, regardless of the issuing of permits, approval of drawings, or carrying out of inspections.

General Inspection Information

How to Book an Inspection

It's the permit holder’s responsibility to book inspections and ensure that all inspection are carried out. Ensure you meet all of the inspection requirements and have the information as noted below, before scheduling an inspection.

  • building permit number
  • site address
  • contact name
  • contact phone number
  • type of inspection
  • date the inspection is being requested for
  • documentation/professional Reviews required for the inspection

Documents required for the inspection as per either the Residential Building Inspection Documentation Checklist or TI Checklist must be submitted with the inspection request. There are no checklists for Trades inspections.

To Book An Inspection

You can book an inspection in two ways:

  1. Through your CityServe online service centre account. If you request your appointment this way, please email associated documents to, noting that they go along with the CityServe inspection request. Alternately, you can submit hardcopy documents to City Hall.
  2. By email to Include all of the information as noted above.

Inspection requests submitted by 3pm will be booked for the next business day, unless a different date has been requested.

Inspection bookings are not accepted by phone or voicemail.

How to Create A CityServe Account

To create your account go to Once you register, an email will be sent to you to activate your account. After your account has been activated and you've logged in, we encourage you to update your contact information under your Account Profile.

Prepare for Your Inspection

To ensure your inspection goes smoothly and to avoid delays in your project, please address all of the following in advance of your inspection:

  • Have the approved permit plans available on site.
  • Green building permit card posted at the front of the property.
  • Ensure your site is free of dangers and hazards.

Note that if any aspects of the work is concealed prior to an inspection, the building official may order that it be uncovered at the owner’s expense to permit an inspection.

What To Expect on Inspection Day

After booking your inspection, you'll receive confirmation from the City of your inspection date. Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to provide a time for your inspection, due to the uncertainty of timing of inspections and issues encountered.

On your scheduled inspection date:

  • You should be available onsite to meet the City inspector from 8:30am until 4:30pm.
  • You must provide access to all areas requiring inspections. As per WCB regulations, inspectors are not to use ladders, so proper temporary stairs with guards/handrails must be provided.
  • If approved plans are available and access to the site without the need of lockboxes or codes is possible, then you may not be required to be on site for inspections.

Building Inspections

Residential (including secondary suites, coach houses & stratas)

Commercial Tenant Improvements

Use the Tenant Improvement Inspection Documentation Checklist to help prepare for your inspection.

The following documents outline requirements for Commercial Tenant Improvement projects:

New Complex Buildings

For Inspection requirements, please reach out to the Building Official assigned to your project. Visit the New Complex Buildings page for more information about these builds.

The following documents outline requirements for New Complex Building projects:


The following forms must be completed in order to certify occupancy.

Plumbing Inspections

Residential Plumbing Inspections

The following inspection guides will help you understand how to prepare for your Residential Single Family Dwelling/Duplex plumbing inspections, and what will be reviewed by the Inspector:

Residential Plumbing Services Permits

The following inspection guides will help you understand how to prepare for your Residential Single Family Dwelling/Duplex plumbing services permit inspections, and what will be reviewed by the Inspector:

Trades Inspections

To book Trades inspections, use your CityServe account or email See How to Book Inspections, above, for more information.

Contact Info

Tel: 604-982-WORK (9675)

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