EV Charging in Condo & Apartment Buildings

Update: July 28, 2023
Provincial funding for the EV Charging Rebate program is now fully committed. Applications are no longer being accepted. Visit CleanBC Go Electric for more information. 

The City is helping to future-proof existing condo and apartment buildings, and encouraging residents to make the switch to electric vehicles. We've set aside funding to top-up current Provincial rebates offered through CleanBC’s Go Electric EV Charging Rebate program. Supporting multi-unit residential buildings to get EV Ready is part of the City’s EV Strategy.

Rebates for EV Charging – funding fully committed/no longer accepting applications

Go Electric! With up to $158,000 in combined rebates available, it's a great time to get your apartment or condo building electric vehicle (EV) Ready. 

Through the Province’s CleanBC Go Electric Rebate Program and City’s top-ups, your multi-residential building could receive up to: 

  • $4,000 to develop an EV Ready Plan (including a $1,000 City top-up)
  • $700 per parking stall for EV Ready Infrastructure (including $100 per parking stall City top-up)
  • $14,000 for EV charging stations 

Learn more and apply through BC Hydro's website.

Note that City top-up rebates are available on a first come, first served basis and will be automatically applied if approved through the CleanBC program. No separate application is required.


EV Ready Webinar

Learn how to get EV Ready and what that means in our recorded webinar (view slides from webinar).

What Does EV Ready Mean?

EV Ready means getting a building ready to accommodate high levels of future EV charging.

Specifically, it results in a parking space featuring an energized outlet with a cover that provides a final connection point in an electrical wiring installation for a Level 2 EV charger.

Why Get Your Building EV Ready?

Installing EV charging stations in multi-unit residential buildings one at a time is costly and inefficient. In many cases, installations following this piecemeal approach will quickly use up spare electrical capacity in the building, preventing future installations without costly electrical upgrades.

In contrast, equipping every parking space with an energized outlet for EV charging through a holistic approach is a cost-effective and equitable way to implement EV charging in existing multi-unit residential buildings. 

What is an EV Ready Plan and EV Ready Infrastructure?

An EV Ready Plan can determine how to equip every parking stall with EV ready infrastructure, in most cases fitting within a building’s electrical capacity and avoiding costly electrical upgrades. 

EV Ready infrastructure equips a building to accommodate high levels of future EV charging, enabling all residents to easily install a charger when needed to prepare for widespread EV adoption.

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