If you're a young person in the City of North Vancouver, this page is for you! You'll find information on volunteer opportunities, jobs, scholarships & awards, events, and youth services. There are so many ways you can get involved in your community! If you have any questions we're here to help you find the information you need – email us at

Resources & Funding for Youth


North Shore Youth Services Directory

The North Shore Youth Services Directory website has a massive amount of info for youth on the North Shore, including volunteering, mental health, employment, LGBTQ+, urgent help, and more. Visit

Youth Pocket Card

Download the North Shore Youth Directory card

Youth Grant

Do you have an idea for an event, initiative, program or service but don't have enough money to turn it into reality? Consider applying for a Youth Grant. Funding is on a first come first serve basis so apply early. Learn more on the Children & Youth Initiatives Fund page.

Other Programs & Services

Other local programs and services to check out:

Through these programs, you can develop valuable skills for school, work and life; make a difference in local decision-making processes; contribute to the community; make new friends; and gain valuable experiences to boost your resume and help you pursue your career and education goals.

Work & Volunteer Opportunities

We know it's tough for young people to find work. A common challenge is that the job you want requires experience, but you don't have any.

We understand, and we're here to help you gain experience so you can land your first job. Some ideas...

North Shore Youth Directory

Head over to for a current list of leadership, volunteer and job opportunities for North Shore youth.

Studio in the City

Studio in the City is an annual City program that provides youth (15-19) with summer employment and an opportunity to apprentice in the arts on various canvases and landscapes throughout the City. Learn more at Studio in the City.

Children & Youth Initiatives Fund Committee

Each year the City invites three young people who live in the City to participate in the Children and Youth Initiatives Fund Committee to review grant applications for children and youth programs. The same committee also reviews and selects recipients for the Youth Awards and Scholarships. If you're interested, email


Be part of the team that imagines, plans & runs CityFest, the North Shore’s largest youth festival! Run “by youth for youth”, each year the City needs responsible youth aged 13 & up to act as CityFest Youth Ambassadors. Contact Andrew Chong at or visit the CityFest Facebook page for more info.

North Vancouver City Library

The City Library has several opportunities for youth to volunteer such as the Tween Advisory Group, the Teen Advisory Council, and more. Call 604-998-3934 for more information or go to

North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory

The North Shore Youth Volunteer Directory is a valuable resource for young people interested in volunteering within the community, particularly on the North Shore. The directory provides useful information regarding volunteer opportunities for youth between the ages of 12 and 19 years old.

Youth Policies

The City works closely with the District of North Vancouver in determining and implementing policies and programs for youth on the North Shore. This collaboration is the best use of resources and allows the City to fill in gaps in services. Studies and consultations have revealed a variety of youth needs and interests in North Vancouver, from safe places to hang out with friends to clinical services.

While the needs and interests of pre-teens, youth, and young adults differ, the ultimate goal for the City remains the same: to promote an environment free from violence, abuse, discrimination and inequality, which supports the growth and development of youth to be successful, independent and valued citizens.


The City's Child, Youth + Family Friendly Strategy is called CNV4ME. The report has five themes: community engagement, community spaces, housing, programing and services, and community partnerships. View the report.

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