Parks & Greenways Strategic Plan

The City enjoys one of the most breathtaking natural landscapes in the Metro Vancouver region with several of the City's most popular attractions being parks, greenways or open spaces. They include Waterfront Park, Moodyville Park, Green Necklace, The Spirit Trail, Mosquito Creek and the Shipyards.

To protect the green assets that give the community its character and identity, the City developed a Parks & Greenways Strategic Plan in 2002. The Plan outlines a long-term vision for the integration of recreational, ecological and sustainable transportation networks throughout the City. Various programs have been developed to ensure that the City's parks and green spaces remain an enduring source of community pride.

Park Projects

Of the City's completed park projects, many key re-developments and enhancements have been recognized at the provincial and national levels. As the community expands and changes, the City plans to continue making its parks a permanent part of its growth.


As early as the City's original 1907 town plan, greenways were considered an important part of the City's natural environment. Since then, the City has experienced major urban development and a burgeoning population; yet protecting and creating greenways remain a priority for the City.

Natural Areas

Within several of the City's parks lie environmentally sensitive vegetation, fish and wildlife habitats. These important ecosystems are susceptible to both natural and human impacts, including erosion, sedimentation, trail use, urban development and drainage issues. The City recognizes the need to balance recreational park and trail use with the educational aspects of maintaining environmental resources.

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