Mayor & Council

Your dedicated Mayor and Councillors are responsible for providing community leadership and establishing administrative policies that ensure the social, economic and environmental health of our municipality.

Get in Touch

The current Mayor and Council members were elected in 2022. You can directly contact your City Council or individual members of Council by email or telephone.

Mayor and Council

(L-R) Councillors Angela Girard, Shervin Shahriari, Tony Valente; Mayor Linda Buchanan; Councillors Jessica McIlroy, Don Bell, Holly Back

Council Contact Information

Write to:
   Mayor and Council
   141 West 14th Street
   North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9

Contact all members of Council and the Mayor by email at

Mayor Buchanan
Phone: 604-998-3280

Councillor Holly Back
Phone: 778-688-3669

Councillor Don Bell
Phone: 778-998-2807

Councillor Angela Girard
Phone: 604-209-6927

Councillor Jessica McIlroy
Phone: 604-209-8058

Councillor Shervin Shahriari
Phone: 604-202-1734

Councillor Tony Valente
Phone: 604-355-2959


Council members are paid as follows (2022 rates):

  • Mayor $134,449 per year
  • Councillor $44,905 per year
  • Acting Mayor $1,634 per month served
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