Curbside & Parking

Like most urban areas, the City of North Vancouver has a limited supply of on-street parking; therefore, as envisioned in the City's Official Community Plan and Long-term Transportation Plan, appropriate management of existing resources is essential for achieving a sustainable community with an efficient transportation system.

The increase in commercial and residential redevelopment in the City's central business district of Lower and Central Lonsdale has resulted in a relative rise in parking demand. The challenge of finding on-street parking in these areas near homes, businesses, hospitals and schools can sometimes be difficult, not only for residents but other road users too.

It is the City's role to manage its scarce parking resources to meet the needs of people and business today and in the future. The City's overall parking management strategy responds to local parking issues and aims to balance the needs of businesses and the community with regional parking and Transportation Demand Management (TDM) goals.

Resident & Visitor Parking

The City has a Resident and Visitor Parking Policy that allows residents to obtain a permit for themselves and/ or a visitor to utilize on-street parking on the block of their residence and be exempt from the existing parking time restrictions for up to 72 hours. Learn more at Resident & Visitor Parking for more information. 

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