Recreational Cannabis Retail Policy

Update September 16, 2022

New applications for a Recreational Cannabis Retail Store are not being accepted at this time. The City has approved the maximum six locations in accordance with the Recreational Cannabis Retail Policy and no new applications are currently being considered - check back to this page for updates. For further information, please contact

On September 24, 2018, City Council endorsed the Recreational Cannabis Retail Policy. This policy will serve as a guide to help inform Council’s decision-making on permitting new recreational cannabis retail stores in the City of North Vancouver, with a focus on the following considerations:

  • Land Use
  • Separation distance from sensitive uses
  • Maximum number and geographical distribution of stores
  • Application processing and approval

The Policy also establishes the process by which those who are interested in operating a recreational cannabis retail store can apply to amend the City’s Zoning Bylaw for one of six locations in the City to allow the use of Cannabis Sales.

Applicants and Store Locations

Applicant Location

AREA 1 (Central Lonsdale) - 2 store maximum (closed to applications)
1   1717 Lonsdale Avenue DENIED
1200 Lonsdale Avenue DENIED
119-1433 Lonsdale Avenue ACCEPTED
1520 Lonsdale Avenue DENIED
1825 Lonsdale Avenue ACCEPTED

AREA 2 (Lower Lonsdale) - 2 store maximum (closed to applications)
315 Lonsdale Avenue DENIED
221 West 1st Street ACCEPTED
143 East 2nd Street DENIED
115 East 1st Street ACCEPTED
121 East 1st Street (unable to apply)
142 West 3rd Street (unable to apply)
148 East 2nd Street (unable to apply)

AREA 3 (West) - 1 store maximum  (closed to applications)
C-725 West 14th Street DENIED
1-820 Marine Drive ACCEPTED

AREA 4 (East) - 1 store maximum  (closed to applications)
333 Brooksbank Avenue ACCEPTED

Retail Areas Map

The Retail Areas Map below shows the potential locations within the Central Lonsdale Area where stores may be considered, after taking into account the sensitive use exclusion buffers. Prospective applicants should familiarize themselves with these requirements and ensure their proposed location is in full compliance.

Note: This interactive map contains the most up-to-date information on potential recreational cannabis retail store locations.

Potential Sites for Recreational Cannabis Retail Stores

 map legend

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does this policy affect regulations pertaining to medical marijuana production?

The Recreational Cannabis Retail Policy does not impact existing City regulations on medical marijuana producers, which will continue to be permitted in the M-2 (industrial) zone in the Zoning Bylaw.

Does this policy regulate home production of recreational cannabis?

No, personal cultivation of recreational cannabis will be regulated and monitored by senior levels of government. Federal regulations allow for personal cultivation of up to four plants. The Province of British Columbia has further established regulations restricting home-grown plants from being visible from public spaces, and restricting home production in dwellings with daycare uses. Please note that landlords and strata councils may further prohibit personal cultivation of recreational cannabis.

How will public consumption of recreational cannabis be dealt with?

The Province of British Columbia has established regulations allowing for public consumption of recreational cannabis where tobacco smoking and vaping are permitted. However, public consumption will be banned in schools, beaches, playgrounds, common apartment areas, skate parks, inside vehicles, health facilities, restaurants, parks and sports fields. Municipal regulations such as the Smoking Regulation Bylaw will be further used to regulate public consumption of recreational cannabis.

Will the City consider more stores and/or other land uses in the future?

In accordance with the Recreational Cannabis Retail Policy, staff will monitor businesses once they are operational and keep Council informed of the status of recreational cannabis retail businesses in the City. Staff will reassess the policy to determine whether amendments are warranted and return to Council with a recommendation for next steps. As part of this reassessment, discussions regarding additional store locations and/or other land uses may occur.

Contact Info

Email or phone 604-983-7357.

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