North Vancouver Cultural Plan

Since the Cultural Plan was implemented in 2002, municipal support for local arts and culture organizations has grown significantly. Arts grants funding as well as capital investments have increased. This enhanced municipal support for the arts has created a thriving environment for creative, artistic and cultural pursuits. There are now more arts groups and projects than ever before to showcase North Vancouver's distinct sense of place.

The City and District of North Vancouver are guided by the Cultural Plan which provides a framework for arts and culture decision making and is comprised of two components, a cultural vision and guiding principles.

To achieve its cultural vision, the City must enable a cultural and artistic environment that provides opportunities and access for all citizens to experience art and encourages artists of all disciplines to realize their creative potential. In this way, the social and economic value of culture in the community can be duly recognized and stimulated.

The guiding principles of the Cultural Plan provide a framework for arts and culture planning, development and promotion. They include:

  • Reflecting the diversity of various art disciplines
  • Building on the values, strength, knowledge and resources of the community
  • Recommending achievable, sustainable and measurable strategies
  • Articulating a clear role for municipal leadership and community partnerships
  • Ensuring an equitable distribution of benefits


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