Utility Rates

Utility Bills Due February 28, 2023

Please note that a 5% penalty will apply to any unpaid balance after February 28, 2023. An additional 5% penalty will apply to any unpaid balance after April 28, 2023. 

The City of North Vancouver’s utility rates generate the revenue needed to ensure effective and sustainable delivery of water and sewer services to the community both now and in the future.

The City bases its annual utility rates on three key factors:

  • Regional water supply and sewage treatment costs charged by Metro Vancouver
  • The cost of annual City operations, maintenance and program upgrades
  • Long-term investment for infrastructure replacement

2023 Utility Rates

Rates are shown below for multi- and single-unit homes. If your property is another housing type such as a coach house or secondary suite, see your bill for applicable rates.

Learn more in the 2023 Utilities Info Sheet.

2023 Utilities  Multi-unit homes  Single-unit homes
Water  $343  $584
Sewer  $342  $549
  TOTAL   $685   $1,133

What Utility Rates Fund

Over 50% of the City’s utility fees are regional fees used to support the purchase of drinking water and treatment of sewer, provided by Metro Vancouver. Local costs include the City’s utility operations, infrastructure, and reserves.

2023 rates: Water rate is 52% Metro Vancouver, 29% City Infrastructure & Reserves, 19% City Operations; Sewer rate is 65% Metro Vancouver, 23% City Infrastructure & Reserves, 12% City Operations;

Utility Account Information

You can manage your account online, 24/7. Visit cnv.org/Ubill to view details about your account including utility transactions, balances, and billing summaries from current and previous years.  
Register and access your account using the account number and access code provided on your utility bill. 


Ways to Pay Your Utility Bill

There are several ways to pay your utility bill.

  Internet or Telephone Banking

Add a payee of North Vancouver - City - Utilities at your financial institution. Use the 9 digit roll number as the account number (you may need to exclude the decimal point). Allow three business days for processing your payment.


Mail in your payment by cheque. Make cheques payable to: City of North Vancouver. To avoid late fee penalties, cheques must be received by February 28, 2023 at City Hall (note that postmarks are not accepted as proof of on-time payment). Do not mail cash payments.  
Cheques can be mailed to: Property Tax Office, City of North Vancouver, 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9.


   In Person Options

Financial institution

Pay by cheque, cash, or debit at your financial institution and keep your receipt as proof of payment.

City Hall Drop Box

Pay by cheque by dropping off your payment in one of the 24-hour drop boxes at City Hall, located at both the 13th Street and 14th Street entrances. Cash payments are not accepted in the drop box. 

Gateway Counter at City Hall

Payments can be made in person at the Gateway Counter at City Hall, Monday to Friday, 8:30am-5pm. Enter through the 14th Street entrance, off Civic Plaza. Payments can be made by cheque, cash, or debit. 

Credit cards are not accepted for utility bill payments. 

Note: a 5% penalty will apply to any unpaid balance after February 28, 2023. An additional 5% penalty will apply to any unpaid balance after April 28, 2023. 

Impact of Metro Vancouver Increases

Since 2022, Metro Vancouver fees for water have increased 2.8% and sewer has increased 9.3%, affecting the City’s utility rates.

Over the coming years, there will be significant increases in water and sewer costs for essential infrastructure upgrades, including for new water supply tunnels and the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant. To help prepare for these increases, the City places a portion of each year’s utility fees into a reserve that is used to mitigate future costs. 

City Utility Rates Compared to Regional Municipalities

The chart below shows a comparison of 2022 water and sewer rates for multi-unit homes in other municipalities in the region. 

The City's rate for 2022 was $629. The closest municipalities are Burnaby with a rate of $695, following by Port Coquitlam with a rate of $745. The highest rates are in the District of North Vancouver at $1,336, followed by New Westminster at $909.

The City's 2022 utility rate was $629 ($685 in 2023); the closest municipality in cost was Burnaby at $695; the highest cost municipality was the District of North Vancouver at $1,336.

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