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Need help finding information on our website? Try these tips.

Keep it Simple

Start with one or two words.

   housing plan

Then add more to narrow your search. Note that every search word must appear on a page for it to show as a result, so adding too many words could exclude too much.

   housing plan city

Exact Phrase

Use quotations to search for an exact phrase.

   "housing action plan"

Sort Results

Search results are set to show a certain way automatically, but you can sort results differently to show more what you're looking for.

  • Webpages or Documents: search results automatically show both webpages and documents. If you only want one or the other, at the top of the search results page beside Filter By, click either Pages or Documents.
  • Relevance or Date: search results are automatically listed in order of relevancy. If you'd like to see the latest information listed first, at the top of the search results page beside Sort by, click the link for Date.
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