Casano-Loutet Overpass

Latest Project Update: Funding and Next Steps – May 2024

The City has received $4-million in provincial funding, allowing us to proceed with construction of the Casano-Loutet Overpass over Highway 1. City staff will continue to work closely with the province to prepare for construction to begin in early 2025. Construction is anticipated to take approximately 12 months. We will reach out to the community in advance to provide more detailed information, including temporary impacts. 

The City is preparing to build a new pedestrian and cycling overpass over Highway 1, linking the Loutet and Cedar Village neighbourhoods. The Casano-Loutet overpass will provide a safe transportation route for pedestrians and cyclists, including a safe route to school for many local students.

The overpass has been designed with safety and comfort in mind and will offer a range of amenities including a visually appealing design, built-in lighting and seating areas. Once complete, it will provide pedestrians and cyclists with a much needed east-west connection over the Upper Levels Highway.

The project team is currently working closely with the Province to meet the necessary requirements to build the bridge over the highway. In advance of construction, we will reach out to the community to provide a more specific update including timing, duration, and temporary impacts. 

Overpass Design

The Casano-Loutet overpass is designed with a gradual, natural curving form that extends over the Upper Levels Highway between Loutet Park and the intersection of Casano Drive and Rufus Avenue. The overpass will be accessible to users of all ages and abilities and include seating areas with built-in lighting for comfort and safety. Design renderings are shown below.


The Casano-Loutet overpass supports the City’s Long Term Transportation Plan and Mobility Strategy, and will expand the City’s bicycle and active transportation network. The overpass is a key connection to existing and future active transportation routes including the Green Necklace, Upper Levels Greenway, and Mid-town connector, enabling people to travel by active modes safely across the City. The new overpass will also provide a more direct alternative to Lynn Valley Road for those traveling north and south of the highway including students attending Sutherland Secondary School.

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