Casano-Loutet Overpass

The City is building a new pedestrian and cycling overpass over Highway 1, linking the Loutet and Cedar Village neighbourhoods.

The Casano-Loutet overpass will provide an important connection between local communities, a safe transportation route for pedestrians and cyclists, as well as a safe route to school for many local students.

The project is anticipated to start construction in the Spring of 2024, and will take approximately 10 months to complete.

Overpass Design

The Casano-Loutet overpass is designed with a gradual, natural curving form that extends over the Upper Levels Highway between Loutet Park and the intersection of Casano Drive and Rufus Avenue. The overpass will be accessible to users of all ages and abilities and include seating areas with built-in lighting for comfort and safety. Design renderings are shown below.


The Casano-Loutet overpass supports the City’s Long Term Transportation Plan and Safe Mobility Strategy, and will expand the City’s bicycle and active transportation network. The new connection will facilitate safe and comfortable access to Sutherland Secondary School and access between local communities. The overpass will also facilitate the following current and future active transportation links:

  • The Green Necklace, the Lynn Valley trail network, and the proposed development of the Upper Levels Greenway.
  • Neighbourhoods including Central Lonsdale and Lynn Valley.
  • The wider North Vancouver cycling and transit network including SeaBus and Rapid Bus.

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Construction Impacts

The majority of work will occur during the day, as per the City’s noise construction bylaw. Partial lane closures will be required at times, and will happen only during evening hours to minimize impact on traffic. One lane in each direction will remain open at all times.

Noise impacts will occur but are expected to be minimal. A number of trees will be removed during construction of the overpass. These will be replaced with native species to restore the natural habitat and significantly improve the green buffer between the nearby homes and Highway 1.

Contact Info

Brian Willock, Manager
Engineering Planning & Design

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