Bicycle Master Plan

The North Vancouver Bicycle Master Plan was approved by Council (November 5, 2012) and:

  • Sets goals and objectives for the North Shore bicycle network;
  • Provides staff with direction on bike route design and end of trip facilities;
  • Identifies routes that need improving based on public feedback; and
  • Identifies a network of bicycle routes across North Vancouver.

The plan includes 107km of bicycle facilities, and when fully developed will place every resident within 300m of a bicycle route. The routes make a complete bike network and connect neighbourhoods, community centres, schools and other important destinations.

The Bicycle Master Plan is a planning document that guides staff in the creation of a bicycle network that strengthens community connections and supports a sustainable transportation system. However, for a map of the cycling routes that you can use right now please check out the North Shore Bike Map.

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns about cycling in the City at

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