Subdivisions allow for a tract of land to be surveyed and divided into lots which can then be marketed and sold.

Subdivision Application Process

The process for applying and obtaining approval for subdivision in the City of North Vancouver is generally as follows:

  1. Review the Subdivision Process from Preliminary Application to Completion
  2. Complete and submit a Preliminary Application to Subdivide

If a preliminary application for subdivision is deemed acceptable, the applicant will receive a Preliminary Acceptance letter and must meet all of the conditions contained in the letter within 180 days from the date of the letter (or such other date as approved in writing by the approving officer). When all conditions of the letter have been satisfied, the applicant may submit a request for formal approval by submitting final plans and documents as follows:

  • A letter confirming that all conditions of the preliminary acceptance have been satisfied and requesting formal approval
  • A copy of the Preliminary Acceptance letter
  • Final registration documents that include:
    • Signatures of owner and ALL people with registered interest on every plan
    • Date surveyor completed work (date should be within the last two months)
    • A signature block for the approving officer

The formal application will be circulated for comment and if acceptable, the registration documents will be signed by the approving officer and returned to the applicant for registration.

Subdivisions Map

Note that references to an approved application will be removed from the map once the subdivision is completed at the Land Title Office and new titles have been issued.

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Contact Info

For subdivision enquiries, email

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