How City Hall Works

Our city, our community, and you.

Nestled between the ocean and the mountains, the City of North Vancouver is a compact community approximately five square miles in size. But, don’t let our size fool you. With a diverse population of over 58,000 (from the 2021 census), we’re also considered one of the most livable communities in the Metro Vancouver.

What We Do at City Hall

Local government has the most impact on our day-to-day lives and is considered the most accessible level of government. And the City of North Vancouver is no exception. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services to our citizens and being open and accessible to you.

Throughout the day, as you take out the garbage, drive your car, visit a library, recreation centre, or enjoy a leisurely stroll through a park or along the waterfront, you’ll experience just a few of the countless services, amenities and gathering places provided by your local government.

The City is responsible for providing important services to our residents, including: clean drinking water, garbage and recycling collection, road and sidewalk maintenance, efficient sewage systems, police and fire services, libraries, recreation centres, and parks, pathways, and green spaces.

City Mayor & Council

The governing body for the City is our Municipal Council, comprised of one Mayor and six Councillors. Elected by the public every four years, their role is to determine policy and to ensure the best interests of our citizens are met.

Reporting to Mayor and Council is the Chief Administrative Officer. Their role is to ensure that the policies and directives of Council are implemented and to oversee our staff team. We’re proud of the high level of service we provide to the community; in fact, many of our employees are also City residents.

To fund the services we provide to the public, the City collects property and utility taxes from all property owners. Every year the City prepares a budget to determine how much it costs to provide services to the community. Your yearly taxes are based on this budget, as well as the current assessment of your property. The City also collects taxes on behalf of other agencies, including TransLink and the Province of BC (school tax).

For more information on our Mayor and Council, visit

For more on how local government works download the Community Effort Booklet.

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