Social Plan

In May 1997, the City of North Vancouver initiated a process to develop a Social Plan aimed at responding to current and future community issues. The process produced two documents: a Social Plan Background Document which traces the history and context of social planning in the City, and the Social Plan itself.

A strategic policy document, the City's Social Plan provides a framework to focus social planning programs and initiatives. The goals and objectives of the Social Plan acknowledge the challenges facing the City in addressing community concerns and identify opportunities for the City to work together with individuals and community groups to improve quality of life.

The Social Plan consists of two main components:

  1. Vision and Value Statements
  2. Goals, Objectives and Actions

The Vision sets out the ultimate goal which the City is working toward, while the Value Statements are the principles of the Social Plan. For each area within the Social Plan, Goals, Objectives and Actions identify what the City will do to achieve the Vision. The actions are prioritized by ongoing, short-term and long-term time frames for implementation.

The City of North Vancouver will update the Social Plan for the community with a new Community Wellbeing Strategy

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