School the City

School the City is a community-based program that encourages students to be civically engaged.  

We've developed a School the City Activity Kit as a tool to assist educators, community service providers, and City staff to engage with young people and connect the community to City hall. These activities have been developed to continue to foster a highly collaborative environment in which partners work together to achieve positive outcomes for children, youth, emerging adults, and families.

There are 26 activities in the free toolkit that link directly to the BC Curriculum Core Competencies and are adaptable for a variety of age groups. You can start to use the toolkit now! If you'd like a facilitator to run an activity in the toolkit and have a City staff member to come to speak to your classroom, email View the School the City Tookit.

2023 Youth Films

Sutherland Secondary school’s Global Perspectives students created documentary films on 'How Our City Works' as part of a School the City, CNV4ME initiative. Students then created short films on the topic, which you can watch below. Enjoy! 

2023 Youth Documentary Film Event

Students showcased their films on June 21, 2023 at Monova: Museum of North Vancouver.

Fun Public Spaces

How Our Money Works

North Vancouver Parks

Staying Active

The Future of Public Art

Smoke, Flame, Spark

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