Building Energy Benchmarking

Building Benchmark BC logoThe City is participating in the Building Benchmark BC program to help building owners and managers track the climate and energy performance of their buildings and identify opportunities to reduce their impact.

Buildings account for 47% of the City’s carbon pollution, primarily from fossil fuel-powered space and water heating systems. Reducing carbon pollution from buildings is a key component in achieving the City’s climate target of net zero emissions by 2050.

What is Building Benchmarking?

Building energy and emissions benchmarking is the process of monitoring a building’s energy consumption and carbon pollution over time and comparing them to similar buildings to better understand how the building is performing.

Building benchmarking provides building owners, managers and occupants with information and insights to identify potential problem areas and opportunities for upgrades to improve energy efficiency, lower energy bills and reduce carbon pollution.

Building Benchmark BC

The City is a member of Building Benchmark BC, a voluntary program to help better understand and address the climate impacts of large buildings in the region.

Building Benchmark BC is a pilot initiative of local governments convened by OPEN Green Building Society and made possible with support from Natural Resources Canada, Real Estate Foundation of BC and BC Hydro. 

Learn more about the successes of the program in the 2022 Building Benchmark BC Annual Report

Disclosure Map

Check out the Building Benchmark BC Disclosure Map to see the energy and climate performance of buildings in the region that chose to disclose their scores, including several City facilities.

Join Building Benchmark BC

Visit Building Benchmark BC for more information about joining the program to show leadership and gain competitive insight. Please note that LEC customers can request an annual energy consumption report from LEC Billing Inquiries to streamline utility data import into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.


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