Corporate Climate Action

The City is taking action to reduce carbon pollution from our own operations and is measuring progress each year. In 2022, the City’s corporate emissions were 2,205 tonnes of CO2e, which is 16% lower than in 2007. Emissions are generated from the City’s buildings, fleet and solid waste.

GHG Emissions 2007 2021

Civic buildings were the largest emitter (61% of emissions), followed by the civic fleet (31%) and solid waste (8%).

GHG Emissions by Sector 2022


Emissions from civic buildings are generated primarily from burning natural gas to heat space and water. Building emissions have declined by 23% since 2007 and are anticipated to decline in future years with the development of the new Harry Jerome Community Centre which will be built to a high standard of energy performance.



Emissions from gas and diesel use in the City’s vehicle fleet have increased by 3% since 2007 due to the addition of more vehicles to the fleet. The City has begun to replace fleet vehicles and equipment with electric alternatives, and in the coming years, plans to fully transition to zero emission alternatives and increase access to e-bikes and micromobility.   

Solid Waste

Emissions from landfilling solid waste generated in City facilities have declined 17% since 2007 with the introduction of multi-stream zero waste stations. In the upcoming years, the City will introduce measures to reduce construction and demolition waste and increase participation in recycling programs in public spaces.

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