Causes of Loss

There are many causes of property loss or personal injury. Incidents that could be faced by City residents include the following:

Sewer & Drain Backups

The most common causes of sewer and drain backups:

  • Putting items down the drain that should be placed into the garbage
  • Invasive tree roots
  • Pipe problems
  • Storms
  • Vandalism

It is the Homeowner's responsibility to determine where a blockage in the system is located, regardless if it is on private or public property. If you are experiencing a backup, a plumber should be called to determine the location of the blockage. If it is determined that the blockage is on City property, the Operations Division should then immediately be contacted and the plumber should stay on site.

If there is damage to your property, call your insurer.

Water Main Breaks

Water mains run underneath the roadway and supply fresh water to the private services connected to it. The private service, from the property line to the personal residence or business, is the responsibility of the owner of that property.

If there is water gushing out onto the street, a water main or water pipe has probably been broken. Please contact the Operations Division immediately at 604-987-7155 or at the after-hours emergency number above.

If there is a water leak at the meter box, please call Operations, who will then attend and advise whether the leak is on public or private property.

If there is damage to your property, call your Insurer.

Homeowner Responsibilities

The Homeowner is responsible for taking the first steps to minimize any damage to personal property (i.e. remove undamaged items from the area to prevent damages).

Notify your Insurer (Homeowner or Rental Policy) or Insurance Broker of the damage as soon as possible to determine if your policy provides coverage for the damage.

Take immediate steps, through your own resources or those of your Insurer, to remove excess water or sewage as soon as possible. Sewage presents special health considerations so you may need professional assistance. Damage restoration firms are listed in the phone directory.

Common sense will dictate most other actions. Remember that electricity and water can prove fatal. BE CAREFUL.

Potholes & Road Hazards

If you have damaged your vehicle because of a pothole or hazard in the roadway:

  • See a licensed motor vehicle mechanic.
  • Do not continue to drive your vehicle if it is not operating properly.
  • Note the exact location of the pothole or hazard and report it to Operations Division so that they can take steps to fix the road.

Notify your automobile insurance provider as there may be coverage for this type of loss.

Trips, Slips & Falls

If you have been injured as a result of a slip, trip or fall you should seek medical attention.

Notify the City, or the private property owner, so that the area of the fall may be inspected and any potential hazard dealt with. Please be as precise as possible in identifying the location, pictures are helpful if available.

Your extended health insurance may have coverage to assist you in your rehabilitation. If you were working when you sustained your injury you should report the injury to your employer. Worksafe BC should be notified as they may also assist you.

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