Urban Chicken Keeping

Council passed amendments to the Zoning and Small Creatures Bylaw in 2012, permitting the keeping of chickens (hens only) in the City of North Vancouver.

City residents are permitted to keep chickens under the following conditions:

  • Only residents living in Single Unit Residential (OCP-R1) zoned dwellings are permitted to keep chickens
  • Residents are permitted to keep up to eight hens
  • No roosters are permitted
  • No sale of eggs or slaughter of chickens is permitted
  • Residents must follow Urban Chicken Guidelines for the proper care and housing of chickens
  • Minimize the risk of predation and foraging by bears, coyotes, skunks, rats, and raccoons through proper and secure construction of pen and coop 
  • Secure chicken feed to eliminate the risk of pest intrusion and spoilage
  • Follow applicable bylaws (see links below)
  • No permits are required

Urban Chicken Guidelines

The Guidelines are intended to provide an introduction and general overview for the care of your chickens. They are not intended to be the only information that prospective chicken keepers should review and consider to keep chickens.

Prospective keepers are encouraged to seek out other web resources, books and shared experience from other keepers. For example, plans for coop designs are available on the Internet or from books. Residents are encouraged to contact fellow chicken owners through the Chickens in North Vancouver website to get links and resources and to exchange information.

Contact Info

General Questions - please contact our Engineering Department:
Tel: 604-983-7333
Email: eng@cnv.org

Complaints should be directed to the Bylaw department:
Tel: 604-982-8302
Email: bylaw@cnv.org

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