100 Year Sustainability Vision

The City and the University of British Columbia Design Centre for Sustainability (UBC-DCS) have prepared and published an innovative 100 Year Sustainability Vision for the City.

Operating under the themes of liveability, sustainability and resilience, this 100-year plan looks at likely scenarios, challenges and opportunities in the coming decades, allowing the City to develop more forward thinking policy planning and to be a better, stronger advocate for regional, provincial and federal sustainability legislation. This long-range vision aims to guide the City toward carbon-neutral status by 2107, the City's 200th anniversary.

To achieve this goal, the City and UBC-DCS developed the following objectives:

  • To work with citizens and stakeholders to draw up a long-term vision of what a liveable, sustainable and resilient city would look like
  • To build citizen and stakeholder support for liveability, sustainability and resilience
  • To demonstrate the opportunities and benefits for smarter, more sustainable community design
  • To exchange and communicate the efforts and results of the project with other communities across the region, as well as with policy makers, students and professionals

The District of North Vancouver was a project participant and the study area included areas adjacent to the City, namely Lower Lynn and Lower Capilano.


In 2003, the City received international recognition when it was the featured community in Canada's award-winning entry at the World Gas Conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Judged by a blue ribbon international panel, Team Canada's citiesPLUS presentation won first place honours for showcasing a comprehensive 100-year urban plan for the Greater Vancouver area. In particular, the City of North Vancouver was recognized for its innovation and leadership in sustainable development.

The 100 Year Sustainability Vision aims to build the implementation bridge between the City's current 20 to 30-year planning work and the longer 100-year plan and as such, develop a liveable and sustainable City that is resilient to future challenges.

The Vision & The OCP

The City's Official Community Plan (OCP) charts a course of action for the City over the next 20 to 30 years. An update to the City's OCP (2014 OCP) has been completed since the development of the 100 Year Vision, drawing on many of the principles contained within. The OCP will continue to be the City's guiding policy document, and will continue to work in tandem with the 100 Year Sustainability Vision to advance long-term, viable solutions to environmental challenges.

Project Timeline

The project, which began in November 2007, was completed in January 2009 and occurred in two phases.

Phase 1

Phase 1 involved the City and UBC-DCS working together to develop the goals, objectives and targets that will guide the Charrette Team in the development of the 100-year plan implementation strategies. Specifically, Phase 1 included:

  • Background research, including the establishment of the project's Steering Committee
  • Development of the project's Goals & Objectives and a related workshop
  • Development of the project's Targets and a related workshop

Phase 2

Phase 2 involved UBC-DCS synthesizing the background information and knowledge gathered from the workshops into a Design Brief. Phase 2 included:

  • Producing a Charrette event
  • Finalizing the Charrette choreography and design team
  • Delivering a final report and corporate report to City Council
  • Developing a 100 Year Sustainability Implementation Plan, or action plan, based on the consensus resulting from the Charrette


In addition to the online version of the vision, a published version is also now available for $30 (+ GST) at City Hall or on loan through the City Library.

Contact Info

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Phone: 604-983-7357
Email: planning@cnv.org

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