Community & Environment

The City acknowledges that its true wealth are its residents and environment. The concepts of livability and sustainability address quality of life issues for the people living in the City, both now and well into the future.

The City recognizes that to achieve its vision for a complete community, residents must have access to appropriate and affordable housing options.

We're developing a Climate and Environment Strategy to help us become a resilient and sustainable City where everyone thrives.

Senior citizens are a vital asset. They embody many roles in the community, including those of volunteers, mentors, advisors, teachers and caregivers.

The City's YOUTH page is an online portal for all things youth, specially designed for young people who are living, working and thriving in the City.

The City provides grants to assist with the delivery of services which reduce social, economic, or physical disadvantage, and/or which improve the quality of life for City residents.
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