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Lower Lonsdale Neighbourhood

The fastest growing neighbourhood in the City with a current population of 15,000 people (2006 Census), Lower Lonsdale has seen a renaissance of sorts since City Council adopted the Lower Lonsdale Plan in the late 1990s. Once a neighbourhood of mostly walk-up rental apartments, significant vacant land and limited retail, Lower Lonsdale has become an area of significant new mixed use development including a wide variety of condominium housing; a community centre; boutique hotel with conference centre; shops and restaurants. The Shipyards is a waterfront destination that includes Shipbuilders' Square, an outdoor stage, public pier, restaurants and connections to the Spirit Trail. The Shipyards creates potential for more residential and retail development, with a southern exposure and harbour views that create a vibrant year round people place. Along with Central Lonsdale to the north, this area is recognized by Metro Vancouver as a Regional City Centre serving the North Shore as a mixed use transportation hub with a strong office development component.

Central Lonsdale Neighbourhood

The second most dense neighbourhood in the City, Central Lonsdale features a high density, mixed use core centered on Lonsdale Avenue along with three story and duplex residential development. Serving a current population of 12,800 (2006 census), this neighbourhood, combined with Lower Lonsdale collectively houses over 65% of the City's population.

Central Lonsdale is the civic hub of the City including the City Library, City Hall, Lions Gate Hospital (serving the north shore), police, fire and emergency services within a two block area. Central Lonsdale is home to the largest number of children and youth 19 and under and also the highest proportion of seniors (28%) (2006 Census), likely due in part to its flatter topography and proximity to hospital, medical and retail services nearby.

The area has been undergoing a transformation as mixed use towers are added to the 13th - 17th Street high density mixed use core, supporting a growing variety of restaurants and retailers. There is a strong presence of major banks along with narrow frontage retail units. Along with Lower Lonsdale, this is part of a major transportation corridor which Translink identifies as having potential rapid (frequent bus) transportation in the future.

Marine Drive/Hamilton Neighbourhood

Marine Drive/Hamilton Neighbourhood is home to 2,640 people (2006 Census) and a diversity of land uses. Functioning as the southern gateway to the City it is home to three creeks, a commercial and light industrial centre (Harbourside Business Park) and a residential neighbourhood in transition.

Previously dominated by car dealerships and strip malls, the Marine Drive corridor is currently undergoing significant rejuvenation of commercial development on the south side and introduction of 4-5 story mixed use development with ground floor retail and major streetscape improvements to the north.

Moodyville Neighbourhood

Before the City of North Vancouver was even incorporated in 1907, Moodyville was the most prosperous and advanced community on Burrard Inlet. Today you will find grain elevators, the Low Level Road, Moodyville Park (with Spirit Trail connection) and newer houses where Moodyville once stood.

This area is now home to 2,900 residents in predominantly single family homes, some smaller wartime housing and an increasing number of new single family homes with secondary suites. Two key east-west connecting roads - Keith Road and East 3rd Street run through this area with Queensbury as a central north-south spine complete with a small commercial node where it intersects the base of Grand Boulevard at Keith Road.

The eastern edge of Moodyville runs down the middle of Lynnmouth Creek which forms the eastern boundary of a light industrial and commercial area with Park & Tilford Shopping Centre and Lions Gate Studios across the street.

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