Building & Development

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The City of North Vancouver is experiencing a robust period of building and development and we welcome your interest in pursuing a business opportunity in our community. The topics included here are intended to guide the planning, building and/or development of your specific project.

If you need further information about building and developing in the City, please call 604-982-WORK (9675).

To ensure projects meet applicable development guidelines, zoning regulations, and land use objectives.

Planning a renovation or building project in the City? Find out what permits you might need, and request an inspection.

Detached accessory dwelling units located on the same property as a principal single-family house.

Self-contained accessory dwelling units that are part of a principal single-family house.

Zoning sets the development potential of a property, as well as permitted uses.

There's a story to be preserved behind each neighbourhood and building within the City.

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