Heritage Awards

Nominations for the 2024 Heritage Awards are closed, and submissions are being reviewed. 

Celebrating heritage conservation in the City.

Every two years, the City holds the Heritage Awards to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals, organizations, and businesses that have made a significant effort to support heritage conservation in the community. 

Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation. The Heritage Awards acknowledge and celebrate the many facets of heritage in the City including tangible heritage—including buildings and landscapes—and intangible heritage—including cultural practices, stories, traditions, and knowledge. 

The next Heritage Awards are in 2024. Nominations for these awards are closed, and submissions are being reviewed. Selected recipients will be presented with an award by City Council at a regular Council Meeting in 2024. 

There are four main categories for the Heritage Awards:

    Residential Conservation: Honouring the outstanding restoration or adaptive reuse of a residential heritage building on the City’s Heritage Register or its historic landscaping.

    Commercial Conservation: Honouring the outstanding restoration or adaptive reuse of a commercial heritage building on the City’s Heritage Register.

    Heritage Project Recognition: Honouring the retention and/or enhancement of heritage resources through the re-introduction of original materials or elements or other conservation methods. This may apply to buildings and structures not currently listed on the City’s Heritage Register, as well as landscapes and natural features, cultural practices and other intangible heritage.

    Heritage Awareness: Honouring an individual or organization for outstanding community achievement in support of heritage conservation. Examples of eligible projects include  literature, art and volunteerism. 

Nomination & Selection Process

To make a nomination, fill out the Heritage Award Nomination form and submit it by the deadline. Multiple submissions are accepted.  

Submit completed nomination forms by the deadline by one of the following methods:

  • Email planning@cnv.org;
  • Drop off in person at City Hall or in one of the 24-hour drop boxes outside City Hall; or
  • Mail to City Hall
      Heritage Awards
      Planning and Development
      City of North Vancouver
      141 West 14th Street
      North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9

The City’s Heritage Advisory Commission will review eligible submissions. The selected recipients will be presented with an award by City Council at a regular Council meeting.

Past Award Recipients

Four Heritage Awards were given in 2022:


Residential Conservation

  • 240 West 6th St, Witton Residence - built in 1914 during the earliest era of the Ottawa Gardens development. Several original elements have been restored, including stained glass windows, a belly-band and bell curve skirt on the shingles, as well as the use of original paint colours.
  • 1147 Ridgeway Ave - built in 1910 as part of a five-house speculative development, forming a consistent streetscape of Edwardian-era housing. This house retains important original elements, such as the open veranda and the original front door.

Heritage Awareness

  • Robert (Bob) Scott - presented posthumously for his efforts in the preservation of the Cold War Air Raid Siren from 1960 that now stands in Victoria Park.
  • Andrea Newsom & Bob McMillin - for their advocacy in the lamp standard design along the Grand Boulevard pathway.

Previous Heritage Awards

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