Already Interred

If you already have a loved one interred at the North Vancouver Cemetery, the information on this page will be helpful. If you still have questions, please get in touch.

Lot Adornment

Families may honour their loved ones through a variety of options. Review the North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw 8109 for details on allowable adornments.

Families may choose to have an in-ground vase installed as part of interment or after interment has taken place. This vase is installed flush to the ground and has a removable insert for holding water. A maximum of two in-ground vases are allowed per lot. In-ground vases are permitted in all areas of the Cemetery, excluding the Veteran Section. Costs are listed in the North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw 8109 (Schedule A - North Vancouver Cemetery Fees).

Acceptable Items

  • Fresh flowers
  • Artificial flowers in a City-installed in-ground vase
  • Small, potted plant on memorial marker
  • Memorials that conform to current regulations

Unacceptable Items

  • Objects made of glass or ceramic
  • Wooden or metal objects
  • Rocks or gravel
  • Fencing or railing
  • Hedging
  • Netting
  • Candles, lanterns and solar lamps
  • Food items
  • Any object placed on the ground
  • Planting or digging anything into the ground
  • for the columbaria, nothing is allowed to be taped, glued or attached in any way 

The City is not responsible for the maintenance or preservation of any lot adornment. Items deemed unacceptable may be removed by staff. Any or all items may be removed for regular maintenance or Cemetery operations.

Locate a Loved One

Our online North Vancouver Cemetery map allows you to search for a loved one, then click the results to see the exact location within the Cemetery. You may also find the detailed map of the North Vancouver Cemetery (PDF) helpful.

If you have difficulty with your search, please contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator at 604-983-7351 or

Provincial Records

If you're unable to locate your loved one in the North Vancouver cemetery, the BC Archives Genealogy Records Search on the Royal BC Museum website may be helpful in locating information about the deceased.

You can obtain a copy of your loved one's registration records from the British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency. This record will give you the information you need to locate your loved one. Please note that death certificates are not the same as registration records; registration records may contain more information than appears on a certificate.

Memorial Marker Refurbishment

Some memorial markers may lose their position over time, due to weight and other factors. In this case, a family may wish to have the marker reviewed, reset or levelled, or perhaps replaced.

If you have concerns about a memorial marker, please contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator at 604-983-7351 or We will assess the condition of the marker and advise if repairs are possible, and what fees (if any) would be applicable.

Fees for marker adjustment and details of memorial markers are provided in Schedule A and Schedule B of the North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw 8109.


The cemetery is located by a conservation area full of wildlife who may eat plants and flowers left graveside. Please bring greenery home to avoid the risk of being destroyed.

Contact Info

Please contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator by email or phone with your questions or to make arrangements.

Cemetery Services Coordinator
Tel: 604-983-7351

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