Official Community Plan

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a community's statement of its long term vision of what it wishes to see. For the City of North Vancouver and the 2014 Official Community Plan that means:

    "In 2031, the City of North Vancouver will be a vibrant, diverse and highly livable community that is resilient to climate or other changes, and sustainable in its ability to prosper without sacrifice to future generations."

The OCP serves to provide direction while balancing the diverse needs of the community. As one of the City's most significant guiding policy documents, all other municipal bylaws and works undertaken by the City must be consistent with the Plan. The OCP is intended to provide a degree of certainty for the future of our community. As a result, it's expected that revisions will not be made on a frequent basis, however changes are warranted from time to time. Like the community, the Plan must be flexible in responding to changing conditions and values.

Implementation of the OCP is a collective effort, one that requires the actions of the City, and many others, including bylaws, public programs, civic projects, private developments, and citizen action.

The City's first OCP was adopted in 1980 and was subsequently updated in 1992 and 2002. The 2014 OCP supercedes all previous plans, but the 2002 OCP can be accessed online.

For bylaw purposes, the official version of the Official Community Plan is in hard copy format, which is available through the City Clerk's Department. An online version of the OCP can also be referenced below.

Regional Context Statement

The City is also required to produce a Regional Context Statement as part of its Official Community Plan (OCP) explaining the relationship between the local Plan and the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). This OCP, as adopted by North Vancouver City Council, contains goals and objectives that directly support the fundamental strategies of the Regional Growth Strategy adopted in 2011. View the City's Regional Context Statement.

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