Play CNV

Help us animate the City's public spaces through placemaking.

Play CNV is a City placemaking program that supports community connection by transforming public spaces into people places. The goal of Play CNV is to work together with our local community to bring fun activities and experiences to different neighbourhoods in the City and improve public spaces for everyone.

  What is placemaking? Placemaking inspires people to come together and reimagine public spaces as the heart of their community. It’s a collaborative process where cities work together with community members to take under-utilized public places and turn them into spaces that people love, value, connect with, and want to spend their time in.


Benefits of Play CNV

  • Strengthening the connection between people and places
  • Increasing the visibility of local neighbourhoods and business areas
  • Empowering community champions to make positive improvements to public spaces
  • Celebrating all that our City has to offer

Play CNV Photo Gallery

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Tel: 604-985-7761

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