The City is dedicated to enhancing access for all members of the community, regardless of age, background, interests or abilities. To do this, community collaboration is vital. With the help and participation of residents, businesses, community organizations and other government bodies, the City is working to provide accessible, inclusive and diverse opportunities for North Vancouverites. 

The City is committed to supporting people with disabilities to meaningfully participate in the community. This includes providing access to housing, transportation and mobility, public places and spaces, community services and supports, and communication and information options that support a truly accessible community, one that is free of physical and social barriers.

City Policy Framework and BC Accessibility Act

To provide a holistic approach to accessibility, the City has policy on accessibility throughout many plans and strategies, starting with the Official Community Plan. In this way, accessibility is considered through all decision making whether it is related to land use, mobility, technology, finance, engagement, climate and environment, community wellbeing, public safety, infrastructure and more. 

The Government of British Columbia passed accessibility legislation, effective September 1, 2022. Under the legislation, municipalities are required to establish an accessibility committee, an accessibility plan and a build tool to receive feedback on accessibility. The City meets these requirements through:

  • The North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI) (highlighted below) 
  • The City’s overarching policy approach that includes accessibility in all areas. This meets the requirements of the legislation for the policy work. 

North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues

Since 1991, the City has supported the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues (ACDI). Comprised of community volunteers from the City and the Districts of North and West Vancouver, the ACDI discusses issues that affect people with disabilities and makes recommendations to the three North Shore municipal councils. This tri-municipal approach helps to inform and guide ongoing efforts to enhance accessibility on the North Shore.

Specifically, the City of North Vancouver's collaboration with the ACDI has led to improved crosswalk signals, curb design, transportation and parking, as well as the inclusion of a hearing assistance system at the John Braithwaite Community Centre (JBCC). The JBCC is the first City facility to feature an Induction Loop System which transmits sound directly to a user's hearing aid.


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Three seniors with mobility aids sitting along Keith Road Greenway.

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