Council’s has identified five key priorities to support this vision and guide their work. Download infographic.

2018-2022 Council Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Progress Report

The City has a number of initiatives completed & underway which support Council's Strategic Plan's visions & priorities. These include:

  • Completed the Balanced Housing Lab report
  • Built the new Museum of North Vancouver
  • Launched the Open Streets in the City initiative
  • Completed The Shipyards (completed)
  • Implemented the Rapid Bus Route (East/West)
  • Launched the Lime E-bike Share System

A Healthy City for All

Mayor Linda Buchanan and Members of Council are pleased to introduce their strategic priorities for the City, with the delivery of their new Council Strategic Plan.

This plan outlines Council’s Vision and Priorities over the next four years.

Council’s Vision is to be “The Healthiest Small City in the World” and they’ve identified five key priorities to support this vision and guide their work:

Each of these priorities includes a description of ‘Where we're going’, ‘How we will get there’ and ‘What guides us’.

The Strategic Plan is intended to support Council’s decision making for future initiatives, projects and plans, and will provide guidance to City staff, our partners, and our community.

Vision & Priorities

Mayor Buchanan's Message

On behalf of City Council, I am proud to introduce our Strategic Priorities for 2018 – 2022, a first for any council here in the City.

The City of North Vancouver is a city not only in name, but in spirit, where you will find the urban character of a metropolitan area blended with the people-friendly scale of a smaller centre. Our Council priorities reflect our commitment to building on the successes of our community and advancing as a forward-thinking and competitive city.

Cities are about people, and as a Council, the work we do must be focused on people. We are committed to creating a city that is connected, liveable, vibrant and prosperous. A city that our residents can be proud of, enjoy and love.

To build a caring community, we need to have a deep understanding of who we are and the many factors that influence our residents’ lives. We are blessed with the natural beauty of this place we call home. We are fortunate to have a diverse and thriving population with a strong sense of community well-being, and the largest working age population on the North Shore. We have much to celebrate and to be thankful for.

However, we face our fair share of challenges as well, and we must respond to those challenges in innovative ways. Our climate is changing, and it is imperative we continue our leadership in environmental sustainability. Housing affordability and mobility continue to be top issues, as more and more the working age population is unable to live in our city where they work. Almost fifteen per cent of children in the city are living in poverty, and a quarter of children from all income levels are entering kindergarten with vulnerabilities that impact their ability to learn. Our population of seniors is growing, and we must prepare to capitalize on their skills, energy and knowledge as their needs evolve and they begin to search for new ways to participate in the community outside of the traditional workforce.

Most critically, we face problems of inequity, which permeates everything from housing to transportation, health to childcare. As a City, we need to ensure everything we do, from our built form to the services and programs the City supports, to the way we engage with our citizens, not only lifts each and every one of us up, but also increases the health and well-being of our community as a whole.

As a Council, we cannot surrender our City’s leading record of fiscal sustainability, as our responsibilities extend beyond managing tax dollars and individual projects. Our role is also to set ambitious goals for the City of North Vancouver; to lead with an eye to the road ahead and with an eye to the horizon, planning for our future while being responsible stewards in the here and now.

The five strategic priorities outlined in this plan are designed to guide Council’s work over the coming term. Our goal is to build a healthy and inclusive city where people come first, and where everyone has access to the resources they need to live healthy lives and fulfill their potential. This plan also represents an invitation to you, along with our partners in other levels of government and local organizations, to collaborate with us as we work to achieve the vision laid out in this document. With the City and community working in partnership, our Council is confident we will make the City of North Vancouver the healthiest small city in the world.


Council Commitment


City Council is committed to being:

PROGRESSIVE By finding creative ways to move our City forward while maintaining the highest level of service to the community.

ENGAGED By listening and involving all residents, from our youngest citizens to our seniors, and embracing new methods to engage them in civic life.

FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE By managing your tax dollars in a strategic, coordinated and deliberate way to ensure the long-term financial sustainability of the City.

INFORMED By using data, technology and public engagement as the basis for decision-making and improvements in operations.

OPEN By building and strengthening our relationships with community and government partners, we will expand and improve our programs and services.

Reading The Plan

Our vision is to be the “Healthiest Small City in the World

To support this vision, we identified five priorities to guide our work over the next four years. Our priorities are to become: a City for People, a Liveable City, a Vibrant City, a Connected City and a Prosperous City. For each priority we have identified:

WHERE WE'RE GOING - an aspiration for our community that will help guide our actions;

HOW WE GET THERE - key actions that Council will Provide, Partner, Facilitate or Advocate* for in order to effect change over the next four years; and

WHAT GUIDES US - existing and forthcoming policy and/or plans to support our decision-making.

Planning Framework

The following key plans guide the City as it implements Council decisions and delivers services to the community.


blue Corporate Business Plan: presents how staff will work to support Council in achieving its Strategic Plan vision and priorities.

blue Work Plan and City Budget: provides details of Council funded activities that will be undertaken to achieve desired outcomes of the Strategic Plan.

blue Municipal Report: reviews the past year’s activities and records the results to measure the City’s performance.

purple Council’s Strategic Plan: outlines vision and four-year direction of Council and informs the work of the organization.

orange The Official Community Plan (OCP): provides long-term policy guidance and aspirations.

orange Financial Plan: a 10-year plan that allows the City to conduct long-term financial planning and budgeting for projects.

Our Community

Good data is crucial to making informed decisions. The City’s census data and other statistics help to support our evidence-based decision-making approach.

Council's Vision & Priorities


is welcoming, inclusive, safe, accessible and supports the health and well-being of all.


leads the way in climate action and acts as a steward of the environment for future generations.


is where dynamic public spaces and places provide opportunities for connection and enable residents to engage with their community and celebrate their culture and history.


provides active and sustainable ways for people and goods to move to, from and within the City safely and efficiently.

supports a diverse economy by creating an environment where new and existing businesses can grow and thrive.

A City For People

A City for People is welcoming, inclusive, safe, accessible and supports the health and well-being of all.


Council will strive to ensure our housing meets the diverse needs of our community. We will facilitate access to local food and spaces for connection, recreation and community services to better the health of our residents and improve equity.


  • Complete Balanced Housing Lab and implement its solutions

    Progress Report: Final report delivered in Fall 2021 and currently implementing prototypes. 

  • Develop and adopt Community Wellbeing Strategy

    Progress Report: First phase of consultation completed in 2021. 

  • Improve access to childcare and early childhood development opportunities

    Progress Report: Completed Child Care Action Plan.

  • Develop a Community Recreation Strategy that includes the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

    Progress Report: "A Healthy City for All: The Role of Community Recreation" was endorsed by Council and supported the decisions in relation to the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre. This represents the first phase of the Community Recreation Strategy.

  • Improve relationships with local Indigenous communities and our urban Indigenous population

    Progress Report: Engineering department implemented a chance-find procedure for issues related to heritage and areas of First Nations importance in 2021.

  • Increase number of below market housing units

    Progress Report: Four projects received occupancy resulting in 19 mid market rental units in 2019/2020.


A Liveable City

A Liveable City leads the way in climate action and acts as a steward of the environment for future generations.


Council will create new and expanded environmental programs, services and outreach to respond to the climate crisis, protect our assets and achieve our goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 while enhancing and protecting the health of our environment.


  • Develop and adopt a new Climate and Environment Strategy that includes a pathway to zero emissions by 2050.

    Progress Report: Climate and Environment Task Force launched, strategy guiding principles and themes endorsed by Council, and initial actions identified. City staff initiated the preparation of the Biodiversity and Natural Areas Policy in 2021. 

  • Implement new climate adaptation and environmental improvement measures (including accelerating the expansion of the urban tree canopy and enhancing habitat to augment ecosystem services).

    Progress Report: Forest restoration in City Parks. Total of 4,700 trees and shrubs planted between 2019 and 2021. Park Stewards volunteered 4,000 hours since 2019 at 44 Park Stewardship events. 

  • Advance the City’s Electric Vehicle Strategy to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles.

    Progress Report: Consultant retained and external funding secured in 2020. 2022 will focus on electrifying Fleet Vehicles

  • Explore opportunities to reduce food waste through partnership with the business community and non-profits.

    Progress Report: Staff worked in partnership with Metro Vancouver and members of North Shore Table Matters to identify opportunities to support and strengthen the local food recovery network.

  • Increase the proportion of residents with safe and convenient access to transit and active transportation infrastructure.

    Progress Report: Staff provided additional walking and cycling spaces along transportation corridors as part of COVID-19 response. Sidewalk construction completed to enable launch of Lime bike share system. 


  • Upcoming Environmental Strategy (2021)
  • Electric Vehicle Strategy (2019)
  • Corporate Climate Action Plan (2017)
  • Official Community Plan (2015)
  • Climate Adaptation Plan (2013)
  • Community Energy and Emissions Plan (2010)
  • Parks Master Plan (2010)

A Vibrant City

A Vibrant City is where dynamic public spaces and places provide opportunities for connection and enable residents to engage with their community and celebrate their culture and history.


Council will celebrate the rich diversity and heritage of our community through arts, culture, recreation and creative initiatives that foster a sense of place, invite play, improve happiness, enhance social connection and build a strong sense of belonging throughout the City.


  • Develop and adopt a Community Wellbeing Strategy.

    Progress Report: Development began in 2019. Phase 1 engagement completed in late 2021. 

  • Complete the new Museum of North Vancouver.

    Progress Report: Opened to the public in December 2021.

  • Spearhead playful and fun events that find ways to celebrate our unique location and community.

    Progress Report: Outdoor programming and passive activation included Studio in the Streets, Murals of Gratitude, and Buckets of Hope during COVID-19 restrictions.

  • Investigate economic opportunities around arts and culture.

    Progress Report: Identified as a key component for the 2021 Economic Investment Strategy.

  • Provide expanded opportunity for parklets.

    Progress Report: Built eight City Parklets as part of Open Streets since 2020. Nineth City Parklet proposed by Lower Lonsdale.


  • Community Recreation Strategy (2020)
  • North Vancouver City Library Strategic Plan (2018)
  • Official Community Plan (2015)
  • CNV4ME (2015)
  • Central Waterfront Development Plan (2014)

A Connected City

A Connected City provides active and sustainable ways for people and goods to move to, from and within the City safely and efficiently.


Council will deliver safe, efficient and innovative transportation options that results in improved walking, cycling and public transportation.


  • Develop and adopt new Mobility Plan

    Progress Report: Draft Mobility Strategy completed in 2021.  

  • Complete Lonsdale Transit Corridor Study

    Progress Report: Transit priority improvements (e.g., bus bulges and signal timing adjustments) delivered along Lonsdale as part of Open Street Action Plan.

  • Complete east-west RapidBus (B-Line)

    Progress Report: Service launched in April 2020 and was completely operational by 2021.

  • Increase kilometres of protected bike lanes

    Progress Report: Delivered 3.5km of protected bike lanes in the City since 2019. 

  • Undertake Burrard Inlet Rapid Transit Technical Feasibility Study

    Progress Report: Study completed and released in September 2020. Companion Economic Impact Assessment study completed in 2021. 

  • Secure funding for the Casano Loutet Overpass project and the Upper Levels Greenway project

    Progress Report: Received external funding for Casano Loutet. Upper Levels Greenway’s first phase of community engagement conducted in early 2022. 

  • Explore safe routes to schools opportunities

    Progress Report: Completed Ridgeway School Zone Safety Review to improve intersection safety. Implemented traffic calming elements in school neighbourhoods like painted crosswalks, corner bulges, and speed humps.

  • Explore innovative solutions to transportation challenges, and continue to integrate land use and transportation planning to support connectivity across the region

    Progress Report: E-bike share pilot launched in summer 2021. E-Scooters pilot launched February 2022.


  • Upcoming Mobility Plan (2021)
  • Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (2018)
  • Official Community Plan (2015)
  • Regional Transportation Strategy (2013)
  • North Vancouver Bicycle Master Plan (2012)
  • 2040 North Shore Area Transit Plan (2011)
  • Long-Term Transportation Plan (2008)

A Prosperous City

A Prosperous City supports a diverse economy by creating an environment where new and existing businesses can grow and thrive.


Council will make the City a destination of choice for economic development by supporting the local business community to increase the number of jobs and business opportunities and to improve services to our residents.


  • Create Lower Lonsdale Brewery District

    Progress Report: Zoning Change completed in 2019, district completed in 2019. Supported breweries with summer food truck event in 2021.

  • Foster the expansion of Business Improvement Associations across the City

    Progress Report: Relationship building continuing through informal discussions with individual business owners. Renewed Lower Lonsdale Business Improvement Association in 2021 for another eight years.

  • Increase visibility as a tourism destination

    Progress Report: 2019 saw The Shipyards promoted widely. City received $1M in grant funding from CERIP for infrastructure improvements.

  • Investigate actions to reduce barriers and challenges to local businesses

    Progress Report: Business Licensing Services Review to improve and streamline processes for businesses began in 2021. Reduced barriers to local businesses through the City’s COVID-19 response by reducing processing time for permit applications, 

  • Investigate a health economic hub

    Progress Report: Incorporated into the Economic Investment Strategy, staff will focus in engaging with stakeholders to develop a role for the City. 

  • Explore economic opportunities around arts, play, culture and culinary arts

    Progress Report: Identified as a key component for the 2021 Economic Investment Strategy.


  • Official Community Plan (2015)
  • Economic Development Strategy (2008)
  • Tourism Development Plan (2008)
  • Long-term Property Tax Strategy (2008)

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