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Respectful Communication Policy

The City of North Vancouver has a Respectful Communications Policy.

The City is committed to promoting a safe, healthy, respectful, and positive environment for members of the public, employees, Council Members and volunteers, and has an obligation to provide a workplace free of bullying, discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment.

The Respectful Communication Policy has been adopted to ensure that everyone who communicates with City staff and Council members in City spaces does so in a respectful manner. This applies to all forms of communication: in person, electronic, telephonic, written or any other form of communication. The policy identifies types of communications that constitute as bullying, harassment and sexual harassment, or may otherwise be threatening, discriminatory, or defamatory. It provides a process for responding to such communication to City staff, which includes employees, Council Members, persons appointed to City committees, commissions and boards and other volunteers, in association with any service, program, or event provided by the City.

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