Buckets of Hope

Inspiring creativity across our community

Filled with sidewalk chalk and other goodies, Buckets of Hope are randomly handed out in surprise locations around the City to encourage community members to release their inner artist and spread uplifting messages throughout their neighbourhoods. If you're out for a stroll – keep your eye out – you never where or when you’ll see them!

Buckets of Hope began in 2020 during the initial COVID-19 outbreak. Our goal was to spread messages of kindness and hope throughout our community, and to create art in support of frontline and essential service workers. Over the last year, we’ve seen beautiful community artwork transform local neighbourhoods. Let’s keep it going - you never know whose day you’ll brighten with your chalk art.

Share your creative messages of hope and love. Tag us with #BucketsofHope #PlayCNV #ILoveMyCity

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