Ravine Greenway System

This network of existing and proposed trails provides access to the City's ravine parks: Mahon, Mosquito Creek and Heywood. These greenways provide important protection and buffering for the remaining fish-bearing streams in the City: Wagg, Mission, Mosquito, and MacKay Creeks. Trail systems within the parks that protect these creeks are well developed, so the focus of this system will be improving the linkages between these parks and the waterfront.

One of the key greenways in the Ravine System is the Mosquito Creek System which, when completed, will provide a multi-use connection from the Waterfront to the Baden Powell trail in the District of North Vancouver.

The Trans Canada Trail enters the City along the Mosquito Creek Greenway. This trail, dedicated in the year 2000, provides a continuous link across Canada, connecting approximately 18,078 kilometres of existing and new trails.

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