Climate Action

Sustainability and climate protection have been a part of the City's core values, policies and programs for many years.  That’s why we have progressive policies and initiatives in place to reduce the emissions from buildings, transportation, and solid waste in our community.

Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to achieve a target of net zero or a 100% reduction in community-wide emissions by 2050.  We invite you to follow the links below and learn more about the City’s climate action initiatives.

Learn more on the pages linked within this section and below.

Shifting from fossil fuel-powered private vehicles to low or zero emission vehicles is a key strategy in advancing sustainable transportation in the City. 
Walking, rolling, and riding transit are linked with a stronger sense of community belonging, increased happiness, decreased stress, and better overall health.
The City continues to lead the way in progressive sustainability initiatives that contribute to the reduction of community-wide energy consumption. 
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