City Piers & Docks

The City of North Vancouver's waterfront piers and docks are unique spaces in the City, as well as on the North Shore. The City operates three wharves along the Burrard Inlet waterfront: the Burrard Dry Dock Pier (700 ft. long), St. Roch Dock (100 ft. long) and the Goldsworthy Pier (66 ft. long).

The City's piers and docks are safe and accessible, pedestrian-friendly public spaces. The City encourages people from the local and boating communities to safely enjoy their time on the waterfront. Whether you're strolling along the promenade, docking your vessel, or out on the water, please be courteous and mindful of others who are also enjoying the Pier.

Note that the City's Wharf Regulation Bylaw (7665C) regulates moorage, commercial activity, hours of use, storage, and a variety of public events on the waterfront piers. The Port of Vancouver regulates all activity in and on the water.

General Pier Information

Are rollerblades, skateboards, and bikes allowed on the piers?
No. This is to ensure your personal safety, as well as the safety of pedestrians and boaters.

Are dogs allowed on the piers?
Yes, dogs are permitted provided they are on leash at all times. Dog owners are also responsible for cleaning up after their pets, and contributing to the maintenance of the piers.

Is there parking available near the piers?
There are various parking options available in Lower Lonsdale, near The Shipyards.

Who do I contact about maintenance issues?
If you have questions or concerns about garbage or security related to the piers, please email

Where are the piers located?
The St. Roch Dock and Burrard Dry Dock Pier are indicated in the map below, adjacent to The Shipyards area. The Goldsworthy Pier extends south from Waterfront Park, on the left side of the map.

map of City piers

Bookings at the Pier

The Burrard Dry Dock pier and St Roch dock are well-used by commercial and recreational vessels and are rented only in limited circumstances.

Goldsworthy Gazebo at the end of Goldsworthy Pier is a popular venue for weddings and other special events. It can be booked by completing the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission’s Picnic & Wedding Ceremony Application form. Note that if you book the Gazebo, you also need to book the Goldsworthy Pier, by contacting us below.

Contact Info

Shipyards Office
Tel: 604-982-8383

Moorage Information

The Pier features a 700-foot long Burrard Dry Dock Pier and smaller floating St. Roch Dock, allowing for ample moorage opportunities. Available year-round, the Pier is easily protected from both land and water with the North Vancouver RCMP stationed nearby. Both docks allow for quick access to shops, restaurants and attractions, as well as easy street access for replenishing ship supplies. For those who are looking for another moorage option, the City offers Goldsworthy Pier, a floating dock capable of serving small vessels.

Overview of each dock/pier and purpose:

  • Burrard Dry Dock Pier - reserved for major vessels such as naval ships and cruise ships, at Moorage Rates below. It's also the only Lower Mainland facility approved by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). If your vessel is an oversized one, contact us at or call 604-982-8383 to obtain approval.  
  • St. Roch Dock - allows smaller recreational boats to moor on a first-come, first-served basis for a short visit, at Moorage Rates below.
  • Goldsworthy Pier - allows smaller recreational boats to dock at no charge (i.e. for free) for a maximum of 3 hours on a first-come first-served basis, after which Moorage Rates apply. 
  • Mosquito Creek Marina - moorage is also available at this neighbouring marina located on the ancestral lands of the Squamish Nation; learn more at

Moorage Rates

Please note the following in terms of moorage rates:

  • Burrard Dry Dock Pier - all moorage requires a Moorage Agreement, and Daily rates apply (i.e. there is no hourly moorage at Burrard Dry Dock) 
  • St. Roch Dock - moorage up to 3 hours is charged at $4/hour regardless of vessel size, after which a Moorage Agreement is required and Daily rates apply
  • Goldsworthy Pier - moorage up to 3 hours is free, after which a Moorage Agreement is required and Daily rates apply
  • Before completing a Moorage Agreement, please email or call 604-982-8383 with your request.
  • Overnight moorage is not permitted during the high season, from May through to September.

Hourly Moorage Rates

Up to 25 ft. (7.62m) Over 25 ft. (7.62m)
up to 40 ft. (12m)
Over 40 ft. (12m)
up to 60 ft. (18.3m)
Over 60 ft. (18.3m)
up to 82 ft. (25m)
$2.00/hr $3.00/hr $4.00/hr $5.00/hr


Daily Moorage Rates
   Day = 24 hour period or portion thereof  |  Moorage Agreement is required for all Daily stays

Up to 40ft (12m) 40ft (12m) - 79ft (24m) 80ft (24.4m) - 149ft (45.4m) 150ft (45.7m) - 199ft (60.6m) Greater than 200ft (60.9m)
$1.80ft/day $1.90ft/day $2.25ft/day $3.25ft/day $4.50ft/day

Moorage FAQs

Can I hook up my vessel to sewers or electrical source?
No. Each vessel is responsible for its own sewer management. Please note that the City levies fines and penalties for those who dump refuse into the waters around the piers. As the power at Burrard Pier is limited, we do not offer electrical hookups.

Can I check in at the Pier as First Port of Call?
No. Please refer to federal regulations by visiting the Transport Canada website.

Where can I get additional boating information?
Visit the Vancouver Port Authority website for general and detailed boating information, as well as guidelines for moorage and boating safety.

Burrard Dry Dock

The Burrard Dry Dock Pier is a signature landmark, and at 700 ft. long is the City's largest pier. Its generous size leaves plenty of room for pedestrians, families, and strollers.

Located at The Shipyards at the foot of Lonsdale, the area offers a mixed use of shops, restaurants and hotels with spectacular 360-degree views of the North Shore and Vancouver skylines. The Burrard Dry Dock Pier is located 650ft. east of the Lower Lonsdale Bus Exchange and SeaBus Terminal to downtown Vancouver. It's close to public parking and has easy street access.

The Burrard Dry Dock Pier represents a coming together of the past and future. It stands as a tribute to the City's shipbuilding history and rich marine heritage. At the same time, the Pier has contributed to the transformation of the City's waterfront into a major urban destination.

About the Burrard Dry Dock Pier

  • Open daily from 6:00am to 11:00pm
  • A 700ft long, 50ft wide public promenade
  • Moorage of vessels up to 134m (440ft) long with a 4,470 tonne displacement
  • Timber rub rails and long rubber cylinder fenders  for mooring  (note: adequate fenders have to be provided by mooring vessel)
  • Pier vehicle load capacity of 15,000kg  (5400kg front axle, 9500kg rear axle)
  • Easy access to Lonsdale Avenue

Please note we are NOT a certified ISPS facility.

St Roch Dock

The St. Roch Dock is located next to Burrard Dry Dock Pier at The Shipyards. The area offers a mixed use of shops, restaurants and hotels with spectacular 360-degree views of the North Shore and Vancouver skylines.

The St. Roch Dock is 100 feet long and can accommodate smaller vessels such as pleasure crafts, water taxis, and private yachts that are looking to moor for a short visit.

About St. Roch Dock

  • Moorage of vessels up to 25 metres (80ft) long with a 66 tonne displacement
  • Timber bull rail and rub rails, four cleats per side
  • A Moorage Agreement is required for moorage longer than three hours - see Moorage Information section for details
  • Location is ideal for visiting local restaurants and other attractions 

Please note: The City is unable to supply berthage services (fenders, gangways, garbage disposal etc.). These services are available through our preferred contractor.

St Roch Dock Moorage for small vessels in North Vancouver 

Goldsworthy Pier

Located at the foot of Waterfront Park, Goldsworthy Pier is the smallest of the docks. This floating dock has limited space making it an ideal moorage option for locally based recreational vessels, and is suitable for small boats up to 11m in length.

Goldsworthy Pier is also ideal for special events and weddings - review Bookings at the Pier for more details.

Contact Info

Shipyards Office
Tel: 604-982-8383

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