Land Use Approvals

The Provincial Government has enacted new legislation aimed at increasing the supply of housing within BC. This includes legislation on Transit-Oriented Areas, Short-term Rentals, Development Financing Tools and enabling Small-Scale Multi-Unit housing units on most single-family and duplex zoned lots in the province. This legislation was adopted in November 2023 and is now in effect; however, the City’s regulations will need to be changed to align with the legislation. Visit our update page for more information. 

If you would like to develop land within the City, your project will need to meet guidelines and regulations to ensure alignment with community objectives for growth and development. This is done through municipal land use approvals. Projects that may need land use approval include change of land use, subdivision, site preparation, and building.

Land use approvals include two main types of applications: Development Permit Applications, and Planning Applications. Less common types of applications include Board of Variance for minor variances and Heritage Revitalization Agreement, which may vary use and density.

The following information on this page will provide a summary of the two main application types and details on how to make an application. 

Development Permit Applications

Development Permit areas are designated within the City to protect the natural environment, help revitalize commercial areas, or establish form and character of certain development. If your proposal is within one of these areas, it must meet the applicable guidelines and you must obtain a Development Permit before commencing any work.

Visit the Development Permits page for detailed information on whether a Development Permit is needed for your project.

Planning Applications

If your proposal does not meet the current zoning regulation, you will need to apply for a change of the regulations through a Planning Application, which includes Official Community Plan amendment, rezoning, Development Variance Permit, and Temporary Use Permit. These applications are approved at Council’s discretion.

Visit the Planning Applications page for detailed information on whether a Planning Application is needed for your project.

Application Process

Step 1: Pre-Consultation

A Pre-Consultation Application (PCA) is required for all Planning Applications and Development Permit Applications, excluding coach houses. PCAs are also required for Heritage Revitalization Agreements. The PCA enables early discussion and formalized feedback from City staff to inform the preparation of your Development Permit or Planning Application.

To prepare a PCA, please review the relevant guidelines, policies, and bylaws. Applicants should engage an architect, designer, or planning professional to prepare a PCA. Proposals that have three or more residential units or any commercial or industrial use are required to have a registered architect sign-off on drawings and attend all communications with the City.

Step 2: Development Permit / Planning Application

After your Pre-Consultation Application has been reviewed and feedback provided, you are ready to prepare your full Development Permit or Planning Application. Applicants are to complete the appropriate application form below and submit any additional materials and studies identified in the PCA process.

Review the submission requirements on the appropriate application form. Applicants should engage all appropriate professionals to help prepare the application materials.

Submission Process

Application Submission

All applications are accepted by electronic submission to For applications larger than 20 megabytes in size, please request a link to use the City’s file transfer tool (SendIt).

Digital drawings must meet the City’s digital submission requirements:

  • PDF format, original size, correctly scaled, and with no document restrictions or passwords
  • Signed and sealed digitally in accordance with Architectural Institute of BC (AIBC), the Association of Engineers and Geoscientists of BC (EGBC), and the Association of BC Land Surveyors (ABCLS)
  • Submitted as individual PDFs and named in accordance with the following naming standard:
    Address – Document Title
    e.g. 123 Cherry Lane – Development Application Form

Revision Submission

Revisions to applications must be emailed to, and copy the planner assigned to the project. Please submit a full set of drawings including the revised pages.

Revisions must meet the following requirements:

  • Changes clearly bubbled and annotated
  • Accompanied by a response letter, itemizing responses to requested changes
  • Named in accordance with the following naming standard:
    Address – Document Title – Revision Date
    e.g. 123 Cherry Lane – Development Application Form – Revised January 1 2022

Fee Payment

After application submission you will be provided with an invoice for payment. Application fees can be found on the appropriate application form above. Please note that payment must be received and processed before staff review can begin.

Application fees can be paid online through the CityServe portal. A CityServe account is required and relevant fees will be linked to the applicant’s email address.


  • Fees can be paid in person at City Hall with a cheque or credit card. Please bring a copy of the planning invoice.
  • A cheque can be delivered or sent to City Hall c/o “Planning Assistants, Planning Division” and made payable to the “Corporation of the City of North Vancouver”. The address of the development and/or application number should be included on the cheque memo. 

After you submit your planning application and pay your fee, your submission materials will be checked by staff. If there are any materials or information missing the application will not be accepted. Only when the submission check is complete will the application be accepted and reviewed.


Contact Us

For general Planning questions, please contact us at or call 604-982-WORK (9675).

If you have an active application, please contact the planner working on your project directly. 

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