Bylaw Enforcement

The bylaws listed below and on the left include the most common issues for bylaw compliance.

Visit the Bylaw Complaint Process page to learn how to submit a complaint, or the Bylaw Search page for a comprehensive list of all City bylaws.

Business License Bylaws - 8640 & 7350

The Business License Bylaw regulates business activity within the municipality. A business licence may be issued to Industrial, Commercial or residential property. Inspections and approval may be required prior to the issue of a business licence.

For more information regarding the business licence application and process, visit or contact 604-983-7356.

View Business Licence Bylaw No. 8640 or Intermunicipal Business Licence Bylaw No. 7350.

Dog Tax & Regulation Bylaw (includes Animal Control) - 8113

The purpose of the Dog Tax and Regulation Bylaw is to provide rules and regulations for the care and control of dogs, which includes registration of dogs, definitions of care and control, designations of vicious dog, methods for the seizure and impounding of large dogs, and definitions of acts of cruelty.

The bylaw also provides a schedule for licensing dogs as well as a penalty schedule for violations of the bylaw.

Learn more on the Animal Control webpage or view the Dog Tax and Regulation Bylaw No. 8113.

Nuisance Abatement Bylaw - 5659

The Nuisance Abatement Bylaw regulates the state of private property in the municipality. Untidy premises, which may include derelict or partially dismantled vehicles, are brought into compliance using the provisions available in this bylaw. This bylaw also provides direction to property owners to prevent the infestation of caterpillars, and feeding or roosting of birds.

Bylaw Officers respond on a complaints basis and work with the resident or business owner to remedy the issue. Common complaints include overflowing garbage and unsightly properties (e.g. water, rubbish or noxious matter).

View the Nuisance Abatement Bylaw - No. 5659.

Sign Bylaw - 6363

The Sign Bylaw regulates all signs on private property. Some signs, such as real estate and construction, banners, and others may be exempt under this bylaw. Signs such as portable signs, billboard, third party, roof, obstructive, or other signs may be prohibited in this bylaw.

View the Sign Bylaw - No. 6363.

For information regarding an application for a signs permit, contact 604-983-7355.

Standard of Maintenance For Rental Premises - 7931

The Standard of Maintenance For Rental Premises Bylaw regulates the standard of maintenance of the structure, plumbing, electrical, heating, doors, windows etc. of residential rental property within the municipality. The bylaw doesn't regulate cosmetic maintenance such as paint, carpet, or floor coverings, except where these may be a hazard.

View the Rental Premises Standards of Maintenance and Prevention of Nuisances Bylaw - No. 7931.

Street and Traffic Bylaw (includes Parking) - 6234

The Street and Traffic Bylaw regulates the use of City streets, including sidewalks. parking, dumping, spills, blocking of lanes, oversized commercial vehicles, placement of construction waste containers, sandwich board signs, outdoor dining, decks on public sidewalk, and signs overhanging City streets. Business use of the public sidewalk is also regulated by this bylaw.

Bylaw Services responds to both parking flow and safety matters pertaining to parked vehicles. Bylaw Officers do not regulate moving vehicles, as this function falls under BC's Motor Vehicle Act.

Bylaw Officers do not have a ticket quota, and ticket numbers are based on many factors including amount of violations, increases and decreases in construction zones, and other factors.

View the Street and Traffic Bylaw - No. 6234.

Zoning Bylaw - 6700

The Zoning Bylaw regulates the general use of lands in the municipality. The City of North Vancouver allows for the development of an Accessory Secondary Suite Use as an accessory to a One Family Residential Use and this is done through the Zoning Bylaw. Home based business is also regulated through the Zoning Bylaw.

For questions concerning the development of an Accessory Secondary Suite, or to provide a written complaint regarding an illegal suite, contact 604-990-4220.

View the Zoning Bylaw - No. 6700 1C.

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