placemaking [pleys] mak·ing [māking]
noun The art of altering a public space into a living space.
verb Creating a public space that connects people in a pleasant and uplifting way.

Play Boxes

Check out the Play Boxes around the City!

Play Boxes are now open at:

  • Sam Walker Park: If you'd like to practice putting at Sam Walker, you'll find putters in our play box.
  • Civic Plaza: Open during City Hall hours, 8:30am-4:30pm

Stay tuned for updates on more play boxes this summer!

Play Boxes are placed around the City seasonally, full of fun items to help everyone play! We want to keep them full of surprises, so you never know what you might find in a Play Box.

Our Play Boxes are locked to keep everything safe and secure, and are opened when the weather warms up and when staff are available. Watch our social media or check to see if a box is open, then let the good times happen.

And remember: always clean up and put away your toys after the good times are done!

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