Ride-Hailing & Taxis

Ride-hailing is a form of transportation provided by Transportation Network Services (TNS), companies that connect a driver using their personal vehicle with a customer seeking a ride through a digital platform. You might be familiar with ride-hailing platforms such as Uber and Lyft, among others.

The platform, typically available through a smart phone app, allows the customer to set a destination, receive information about the fare they will pay, and view the driver’s vehicle information and estimated arrival time.

Taxis are a type of vehicle for hire with a driver, taking passengers to their location of choice. Passengers can hail a driver on the street or order a taxi by phone at a time of their choice. Fares are calculated during the trip by use, time, and distance, and payment can be completed at the end of the trip using different payment options. Some taxis are wheelchair accessible and pet-friendly, but this should be requested when ordering a taxi.

On the North Shore, you will likely see North Shore Taxi and Sunshine Cabs, who are licenced to pick up in North Vancouver and the Vancouver International Airport (YVR). 

Differences Between Ride-Hailing, Taxis & Ride-Sharing

Ride-hailing shares similarities with other forms of transportation, like taxis and ride-sharing. 


  • Passengers must use a platform to connect with drivers to make immediate trips to a destination set by the passenger.
  • Passengers pay a pre-calculated fare automatically at the conclusion of the trip, typically by using a credit card entered into the digital platform/account.
  • Drivers use personal vehicles that must be identifiable with the name or logo of the TNS.


  • Passengers can hail a driver on street or hire a business to dispatch a driver to make immediate or pre-planned trips to a destination set by the passenger.
  • Passengers pay a fare that is calculated during their ride at the destination using different payment options defined by the business.
  • Drivers use commercial vehicles that must be identifiable with several elements, including a plate from the Passenger Transportation Board, a vehicle number, and rooftop light.


  • Passengers must use a platform to connect with drivers to make pre-planned, often long-distance carpool trips to a destination typically set by the driver.
  • Passengers negotiate or agree to pay the fare requested by the driver prior to departure or at the destination, typically by using cash or electronic transfer. 
  • Drivers use personal vehicles, but there are no requirements related to vehicle identification.
  • Learn more on the City's Ride-Sharing page.

How You Can Use Ride-Hailing

In British Columbia, a Transportation Network Services (TNS) must hold a valid licence from the provincial Passenger Transportation Board to operate. The BC Government maintains a list of approved companies by region, which can be viewed on the provincial government's Passenger Transportation Registry webpage.

To use ride-hailing, a TNS typically requires passengers to sign up for an account and register a credit card before the first ride. Passengers should consult the individual Transportation Network Service’s platform and service area to identify where they can ride before using the service.

Information for Transportation Network Services

Effective August 2022, Transportation Network Services are required to hold a valid Congestion and Curbside Management Permit (CCMP) in the City. The CCMP is required to conduct pick-ups and drop-offs in the City from 7am to 9am, and 2pm to 6pm, Monday to Friday. The CCMP helps manage curbside and traffic congestion during peak transportation times on the North Shore.

On a monthly basis, the permit holder must submit to the City information on the total number of pick-ups and drop-offs per vehicle type that occurred in the previous month. The permit fee is based on this number, charged monthly at the rates in the summary table below.

Type of Vehicle Cost                            
Zero-emission vehicles $0.05 per pick up and drop off
Vehicles other than Zero-emission vehicles and Accessible Passenger Directed vehicles $0.10 per pick up and drop off  

Transportation Network Services operating in the City can apply for the permit by completing the CCMP Application Form and submitting it along with the Remittance Form to eng@cnv.org.

Find Pick Up/Drop Off Locations

Click an icon on the map to find where ride hailing and taxi pick up and drop off areas are located in the City.


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Contact Info

Questions? Email eng@cnv.org.

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