Ridgeway School Zone Safety Review

Slow Speed Zone
A 30 km/h speed limit is now in effect on all local streets in the Ridgeway neighbourhood at all times of day. See area map below.

The City initiated the Ridgeway School Zone Safety Review to address traffic and safety concerns around the school. Staff worked with neighbourhood residents and the school community to understand key concerns and gather feedback on possible actions. Through this process, some of the issues we heard about most include crossing safety, speeding, traffic queuing and poor driver behaviour.  

In June 2020, we shared our final action plan that outlined what steps the City will take and when, to improve the safety of streets around the school and broader neighbourhood.

PHASE 1 | Fall 2020

 Initiatives included:

  • New painted crossings
    At the intersections of Ridgeway Ave and East 8th St, Ridgeway Ave and East 9th St, and Moody Ave and East 9th St to emphasize pedestrian priority
  • New curb bulges
    At the intersections of Ridgeway Ave and East 8th St, Ridgeway Ave and East 9th St, and Moody Ave and East 9th St using flexible delineator posts to improve the visibility of pedestrians waiting to cross and shorten the crossing distance
  • Changes to "No Stopping" zones
    Installing flexible delineator posts to prevent vehicles from stopping in designated “No Stopping” zones adjacent to the school.
  • Expanded 30 km/h speed limit zone
    Council has endorsed a 30 km/h speed limit for all local streets in the Ridgeway neighbourhood. The City will proceed with implementation in January 2021.

Ridgeway School Safety Zone Review map

City Staff also continue to work on delivering the remaining elements outlined in Phase 1 of the action plan in 2021, including:

  • Street art and murals to highlight new crossing treatments
    Additional coordination with Ridgeway School is required to safely involve students; installation is subject to dry weather.
  • Diagonal diverters to minimize shortcutting and traffic volumes
    Staff will be undertaking further analysis and neighbourhood engagement to determine appropriate locations for possible diverters.



Implementation through 2021/2022

In Phase Two, we will be monitoring the effectiveness of the Phase One interventions, and making adjustments as needed. We will also be planning for more extensive upgrades that require additional budget and are subject to a City-wide prioritization process.

These include:

  • Upgrades to the pedestrian crossing at Ridgeway Ave and E Keith Rd: This priority measure is included in the City's draft financial plan for implementation in 2021
  • Additional speed reduction measures: In key locations to support the expanded 30 km/h zone, if necessary (e.g. speed humps, curb bump outs, etc.)
  • Additional enhancements to pedestrian crossings along E Keith Rd
  • Further physical enhancements to pedestrian crossings adjacent to the school

Contact Info

Email: transportation@cnv.org

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