Boulevard Raised Beds

Residents who would like to grow food in the boulevard adjacent to their residence are permitted and encouraged to do so.

Growing food in raised beds is recommended as it minimizes contamination from pets, enhances plant growth, and contains the planted area in the boulevard. Prior to installing raised beds, the City requires residents to determine if raised beds are feasible at the proposed location.

Process for Creating Raised Beds

Please follow these steps prior to constructing your raised beds and planting any vegetables.

  1. Contact City Hall. Let us know that you wish to build and install raised beds in the boulevard adjacent to your property. Email us at  and include your property address in the subject line. Please also attach a simple sketch locating the curb, sidewalk, approximate location of the property line adjacent to the street, street trees, utility poles, front entry walk or any other significant features currently existing in the boulevard as well as locating where the proposed beds would be located. You can locate your property line by searching for your address on our Property City Map. The drawings should be clearly labeled and provide key dimensions. A scale drawing is preferred, but not necessary. Please also provide several digital images of the proposed area where you would like to install the raised beds. Image size should not exceed 500kb.

  2. Staff Review. City staff will review your proposal. Evaluation will be based on (but not limited to) potential future public works, anticipated development, existing and proposed utilities, and existing encroachments (if any).  

  3. Prepare your Application. Once staff review has been completed, staff will contact the resident to request any revisions or clarifications. Assuming the proposal is allowed to proceed, staff will provide the resident a map of the immediate area around the subject property locating existing utilities (Utility Location Map) as well as a Works Permit Application to be completed by the resident.

  4. Submit your Application. Residents will be required to submit the completed Works Permit Application with the Utility Location Map and original (or revised as per comments from City staff) sketch plan of the proposed project. There is no fee associated with this permit.

  5. Application Approval. Staff will sign off on the Works Permit Application and send you a full copy of all submitted materials. Once this is received, residents are permitted to proceed with building the raised beds according to the plans submitted. Install only the number of beds shown on the submitted plans attached to the Works Permit Application when you have an approved Application in hand. Please also take photos of the beds after they are installed. Send post-installation photos to with your street address referenced in the subject line.

Additional Information About Raised Beds

Build and Placement

  • The City will provide applicants with a Utility Location Map to ensure the beds you plan to install not located on top of any utilities located in the boulevard. 
  • If you notice in the boulevard a water meter chamber, junction box, or any other piece of civil infrastructure not noted on the above plan, please adjust your plans accordingly. They cannot be buried by the proposed raised bed and the bed must be located a minimum 1m away from these features.
  • Use untreated lumber only; cedar will last longer than standard lumber, but both are acceptable. Pressure Treated (PT) wood is not food safe and is not recommended.  
  • Use either galvanized nails or screws, both at a minimum 2-1/2" length to ensure a sturdy connection for your boxes. Utilize additional staking and/or bracing as required.
  • The boxes should not be larger than 4’ wide x 8’ long and a maximum 10" above ground level with the lumber being a maximum dimension of 2x12, that is, allowing for 2" buried into the ground.
  • Beds should be set back a minimum 3’ (1m) from the edge of sidewalk and have a minimum 24” between each bed to permit residents to cross the boulevard between the beds.


  • The beds are for the purpose of growing annual vegetable crops. Perennial and woody plant material such as fruit trees, berry bushes, vines, etc. are not permitted to be grown in the raised beds.
  • Plants grown in the raised beds must not exceed 3’ (1m) in height, or overgrow onto the sidewalk.

The City reserves the right to remove the boxes at any time, without notice, in order to conduct work in  the Right of Way. We will endeavour to provide you with as much advanced notice (as per applicable City Policies via Construction Notifications), but this is not always possible in case of emergency repairs (e.g. water main breaks, flooding, etc). If the boxes are damaged, the City will not repair or reimburse you for the expense.


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