Parking FAQs

Bike Lanes – no stopping, parking or unloading? [+]
How long can you park on a street without moving your vehicle? [+]
Can I park in a lane or alley? [+]
I've just seen a dangerously parked vehicle. What can I do about it? [+]
What do I do if I receive a parking ticket? [+]
What happens if I don’t pay my parking tickets? [+]
What do I do if my car has been towed? [+]
Why did I get a ticket even though I moved my car? [+]
Can I load or unload anywhere? [+]

Residential Parking FAQs

What can I do about people parking in my parking area in front of my house? [+]
People are parking too close to my driveway. What can be done about this? [+]
Can I park my RV on the street? [+]
I drive a truck home from work. May I park my truck on the street in front of my residence? [+]
Can I get a residential parking permit? [+]
My neighbour has lots of vehicles which take all the parking spaces on the street. What can I do about this? [+]
Can I park on the sidewalk portion of my driveway? [+]
Can I create a parking area between the sidewalk and curb from concrete or gravel? [+]
My street is too narrow to allow parking on both sides and for a fire truck to pass. What should I do? [+]
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