Parking Notice Payments & Disputes

The City of North Vancouver and the Districts of North Vancouver and West Vancouver were the first municipalities in BC to implement a Bylaw Notice Dispute System.

In effect since May 2004, this system has streamlined local government processes through enhanced service delivery to residents and has minimized costs by enabling the three municipalities to deal with bylaw disputes at the local level. Previously, anyone wishing to dispute a bylaw notice (i.e. parking ticket) was required to appear in BC Provincial Court, an expensive and time-consuming process for the disputant, the province and the North Shore municipalities. Under the current system, a provincially appointed adjudicator at North Vancouver City Hall hears all disputes.

If you've received a parking notice in the City of North Vancouver, the process for paying or disputing the notice is as follows:

Payment Options

If the parking notice is paid within 14 days, a discount will apply, depending on the amount of the issued notice. If the parking notice remains unpaid after 34 days, a surcharge will be added, depending on the amount of the issued notice. Please follow the payment directions on the back of the parking notice.

Disputing a Notice

  • Those electing to dispute their parking notice may do so by contacting the City of North Vancouver as per the directions on the back of the ticket.

  • A Screening Officer will review the case and, if appropriate, cancel the ticket. If the Screening Officer does not cancel the ticket, the disputant may choose to either pay the notice, or forward the notice to an Adjudicator.

  • If proceeding to adjudication, a date will be scheduled and the adjudication may be conducted either in person at North Vancouver City Hall or via telephone. The disputant and the bylaw officer are not required to personally appear at the adjudication. Representation for the disputant may alternatively be made in writing, or over the phone, and documentation from the municipality will be presented in support of the notice. If the notice is upheld, the full parking notice charge, plus a $25 adjudication fee, will be applicable and payable.

If you require further information or assistance, please contact the City of North Vancouver at 604-982-8302.

Pay your parking ticket online.

Impounded Vehicles

To retrieve your impounded vehicle, contact:

Mitchell’s Towing Ltd
1255 Welch Street
North Vancouver
Tel: 604-982-0115

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