Financial Plan

Each year, the City creates a budget that determines how much revenue it will bring in and how much it will spend within that year. In the City, this budget is referred to as our Five-Year Financial Plan. The Financial Plan considers external economic pressures and the long-term vision for the City, balanced with the need to provide the essential City services that residents rely on every day.

There are three main categories of the City's Financial Plan:


The Operating budget ensures the dependable delivery of essential services and a broad array of programs that residents rely on every day. This includes public safety, transportation and transit, recreation and culture, and more.


The Capital budget is an investment plan for maintaining, improving and building essential infrastructure. This includes the new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre, roads and sidewalks, parks and trails, and more.


The Utilities budget ensures effective and sustainable delivery of water, sewer services and waste collection.

About the 2023 Draft Budget

The 2023 Draft Financial Plan proposes a base budget of $303.8 million. The three main categories of this budget are:

  • Operating budget of $94.8 million
  • Capital budget of $76.7 million 
  • Utilities budget of $38.5 million

The following documents are available for review:

Share Your Input

The City's 2023 Financial Plan will be considered by Council on Monday, February 13, 2023. If you're interested in sharing feedback on the draft budget, you're invited to speak at the Council meeting. To register, visit or call 604-990-4230.

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