Cultural Diversity

The City of North Vancouver's population is becoming increasingly culturally diverse.

Refer to the City's Social Plan to learn more about our goals and objectives regarding cultural diversity.

North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership (NSIIP)

The City is an active member of the North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership. The North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership (NSIIP) is a coalition of community agencies and institutions focused on improving the settlement outcomes of new immigrants.

NSIIP has adopted the following Vision Statement “The North Shore is an inclusive community where everyone has a sense of belonging.” NSIIP’s mission is to work “collaboratively to support North Shore residents and organizations to ensure all immigrants have opportunities to fully participate economically, socially, and civically.”

NSIIP received federal funding to develop a 3-year Strategic Plan focused on reducing systemic barriers to immigrant integration at local and regional levels. The Strategic Plan was informed by extensive research and consultations with service providers, immigrants, community leaders, employers, and North Shore residents. Multiple stakeholders and organizations are involved in achieving the objectives and actions in the plan:

  • Access to current and relevant information and resources to facilitate immigrants’ settlement and integration
  • Building cross cultural relationships and mutual trust
  • Immigrants’ access to employment that matches immigrants’ skills, education and experience
  • Immigrant representation in guiding the development of our community.

Resources for Newcomers

The Impact North Shore provides a range of individual and group services including settlement information and orientation, English language, employment and diversity services to help new immigrants achieve a working knowledge of Canadian social, economic, and cultural systems.

NSIIP provides helpful resources, information and answers for new immigrants and people who want to help new immigrants.

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