Park Projects

The City is committed to the long-term sustainability of its municipal parks and green spaces. Key redevelopment initiatives include trail rehabilitation, habitat protection, and infrastructure improvements. These actions are guided by the following plans:

  • Parks Master Plan - outlines a vision for the development and renewal of the City's parks and open spaces
  • Parks & Greenways Strategic Plan - identifies goals, objectives, policies and implementation strategies for parks and greenways in the City

Parks Capital Program

Annual funding for the creation and renewal of the City's parks infrastructure is provided by the Parks Capital Program. To determine funding allocation, the following criteria are considered:

  • use and age of the park
  • community need
  • changing standards and demographics
  • changing land use and densification
  • environmental objectives and strategic plans

Current Park Projects

Completed Park Projects

Eastview Park - Disc Golf & Park Improvements


February 2018 Update

Based on the feedback received from the community Parks staff implemented the following improvements:

  • A new wooden washroom surround was installed in December in response to feedback received at the open house and online survey.
  • Relocation of disc golf baskets #1, #2, and #9. New locations for these baskets were coordinated with the local disc golf community.
  • Following relocation of the disc golf baskets, replanting occurred to restore the native forest understory and improve habitat.
  • Bearproof waste and recycling receptacles were requested at the open house, including a dedicated container for dog waste, with concrete pads to go under the new receptacles. 
  • The existing bench was relocated, as supported by public feedback.
  • Park signage was updated based on the public feedback received. The new signage includes park etiquette to facilitate shared use, rules for disc golf, including hours of play from 9am to dusk, park regulations and to raise park visitor awareness to flying discs. All new signs have now been installed. 

Public Open House

A public open house was held in October 2017 to get feedback on suggested park improvements in Eastview Park.

Eastview Park disc golf players

Hamersley Park - Pedestrian, Play, Environmental

Hamersley Park had significant improvements in 2019-2020 to improve pedestrian facilities, play value, and environmental quality (including overall tree health).

Review the open house engagements and the park's final plan:

Hamersley Park updated playground

Heywood Park - Master Plan

Heywood Park is a 16 hectare park situated at the western boundary of the City of North Vancouver. Its prominent location on Marine Drive, also make it the western gateway to the City, and the adjacent Hamilton and Pemberton Heights residential neighbourhoods. The park also provides a natural buffer for Mackay Creek, which is a locally significant salmon bearing stream.

The park has three distinct areas, including the lower developed park fronting Marine Drive at the south end; the upper forested natural areas of the Mackay Creek ravine, and the Hamilton all-weather sports fields at the northeast corner of the site.

In 2010, the City recognized that a number of significant infrastructure improvements were required in Heywood Park. A new concept for the park was developed with public input and a master plan was endorsed by Council in October 2010. View the Heywood Park Master Plan Report.

The implementation of the master plan was completed in phases. Phase 1 was completed in 2011 which included upgrades to the playground and washroom at the south end of the park. Phase 2 was completed in 2013, and included additional improvements to the park edge along Marine Drive, significant trail work within the upper forested area and major planting.

Lynnmouth Park - Trail & Habitat Improvements

In 2018, the City began the first phase of the trail and habitat improvements in Lynnmouth Park, which focused on re-establishing streamside habitat with native trees and shrub plantings along the west bank of Lynn Creek. Lynn Creek is an important salmon bearing stream and the newly planted vegetation helps support local fish and wildlife populations.

A number of community stewardship events were held to remove invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Blackberry which made way for the installation of hundreds new native plants. To help establish the new vegetation and protect the environmentally sensitive creek side area, fencing was added which includes three formal access points to the creek.

Spirit Trail Connection

In preparation for a future Spirit Trail connection to Bridgman Park, the City made additional improvements including:

  • trail surfacing and drainage
  • restoring lawn areas
  • enhancing the trail connection at 3rd Street

This work also included a new fully fenced dog off-leash area in Lynnmouth Park between Main Street and East 3rd Street.

Public Engagement

Review the information from the open house and the Let's Talk public engagement.

Lynnmouth off leash dog area sign 

Lynnmouth Park off leash dog park 

Mahon Park - Fen Burdett Artificial Turf Field

The City has completed the renovation of Fen Burdett Stadium field. Key improvements to the park were the installations of an artificial turf sports field and a rubberized community track in place of the existing gravel surfaces. Other exciting additions to the park included a recreational running track, pods of adult fitness equipment, minor renovations to the stadium building, improved off-street parking opportunities, and improved landscaping and seating opportunities throughout the park.

Project History

As a result of the successes of the joint-use artificial turf fields at Sutherland Secondary School and Carson Graham Secondary School, the City constructed a third artificial turf field (ATF) in Mahon Park.
  • A preliminary feasibility studies was conducted in early 2015, and two sites were considered for the new field location: Fen Burdett and Kinsmen Grass Field South.
  • An Open House was held in May 2015 to determine the most appropriate location.
  • In July 2015, Council selected Fen Burdett as the field location for the City's third ATF.
  • In August 2015, the project received a funding boost from the Federal government through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.
  • In September 2015, another Open House was held to garner initial feedback and gauge interest in elements of the project, such as track surface and amenity designs, from the community and sports user groups.
  • In February 2016, a third and final Open House was held where updated designs were shown and the community were able to provide feedback.

Open House #3 - February 2016

Open House #2 - September 2015

Open House #1 - May 2015

Fen Burdett Field

Mahon Park - Repurpose of Former Horseshoe Facility

Mahon Park is one of the City’s largest and oldest parks and has a well-established history in both sports and its natural setting. Following completion of recent renovations to Fen Burdett Stadium field, focus has shifted to renovating and revitalizing the west corner of the park, site of the former horseshoe club facility.

The facility is located just north of the Margaret Fulton Centre near 16th Street and Forbes Avenue, and includes a number of covered horseshoe pitches and the old clubhouse building which are situated on the site of the City’s decommissioned outdoor pool. Constructed in 1949 at the edge of the Wagg Creek ravine, the pool was closed and filled in the 1980s and in the 1990s was repurposed as a horseshoe facility operated by the Horseshoe Club. The club disbanded in the early 2000s and the facility has seen limited use since that time. The building is now at the end of life, and there is an opportunity to repurpose this space to provide new programming opportunities for the community.

Project Plan After Public Consultation

Staff worked with a consultant team to complete the detailed design based on the feedback received. The design features dedicated pickleball courts and a shared basketball court, fenced off-leash dog area, habitat restoration of the ravine edge, and additional picnic tables.  An artificial turf play space will be optional depending on final cost estimates. 

Download Concept Plan - pdf

Public Engagement - February 2019

In addition to the two open houses, staff directly engaged with stakeholders, including North Shore Pickleball Club, Mahon Park Daycare, Margret Fulton Centre, Cascadia Society, North Vancouver Sports Council, and interested residents.  Overall, there was an excellent response to the consultation process with a total of 345 questionnaires received.

In general, there was strong support to improve the Horseshoe Club area and re-purpose the decommissioned pool into a multi-purpose sports court able to accommodate basketball as well as dedicated pickleball courts (the first such courts on the North Shore). There was also support for a proposed off-leash area, planting more trees, improved picnic facilities, and additional walking paths.

Dogs are currently permitted on-leash in the forested trails of the ravine portions of Mahon Park, but are prohibited in the open grass area adjacent to the Horseshoe Club, playground and Fen Burdett Stadium. However, there is frequent unsanctioned off-leash activity in the open grass area adjacent to the Horseshoe Club resulting in complaints and degradation of the park. While not all park users support allowing dogs in the park, a fully fenced space will address the demands, reduce user conflicts and minimize impacts on the rest of the park.

Public Engagement - September 2018

A wide variety of preliminary ideas were presented for discussion including improvements to the adjacent basketball court, the addition of an artificial turf multi-use golf area and a picnic area. Other ideas presented were focused on a multi-use sports court to accommodate pickleball and basketball, with the potential for a small golf chipping and putting green, a toy box with outdoor games, and improved picnic area.

There was an excellent initial response to the project with a total of 255 questionnaires completed, including 171 online submissions and 84 received in paper form.

In general, there was strong support to improve the horseshoe club area with new amenities and programming, and in addition to the ideas presented by the City participants identified a number of other ideas for consideration.

There was very strong support for including sport courts in a portion of the site that could accommodate pickleball, which is a fast growing racket sport that currently has limited outdoor venues in North Vancouver. There was also support for retaining the existing natural features of the area and planting more trees, improving the picnic facilities, basketball courts and creating additional walking paths. The notion of including a small golf practice area (similar to Sam Walker Park) or sand volleyballs courts was also presented.

In addition to the ideas presented in the storyboards, the most common suggestion from the community was the addition of a fenced off-leash dog area.

Moodyville Park - Master Plan

The Moodyville neighbourhood had a significant change with the creation of Moodyville Park, after Council approved a Master Park Plan to guide the enhancement of Moodyville Park. Construction began in 2019.

To create the Moodyville Park Master Plan, the City solicited feedback from the public as follows.

Moodyville Park Master Plan Task Force

Council appointed a seven-member community task force that met throughout the year. Their mandate was to assist City Staff with creating a new vision for Moodyville Park that supports the parks and outdoor recreational needs of the Lower Lonsdale and Moodyville community.

Community Stakeholder Workshops

City Staff organized Stakeholder Workshops that involved various members from the community. The stakeholder group’s role is to listen to and understand feedback received from the Task Force and at the Open Houses. Some stakeholders may have had specific perspectives that provided information for the plan, while others may have had a more general viewpoint to contribute to the park plan. They participated in a hands-on, collaborative workshop to further explore aspirations and program options.

Public Open Houses

Concept Design

View concept design PDF

What is a Master Park Plan?

The Moodyville Park Master Plan provides a framework for guiding the future expansion, enhancement and management decisions for the park. Rather than creating specific and detailed designs, the plan focuses on the context of the park within the City and the immediate community, including ideas for park expansion, activity programming, park facilities, and enhancement of natural areas. As well, the plan examines how the park will contribute to the City’s overall greenway system connectivity.

Project Timeline

Moodyville Park Planting Event 

Semisch Park - Playground, Pathway & Plantings

Upgrades at Semisch Park were completed in 2018, which included a fun new playground and nature themed elements. We also installed a new pathway, lighting and plantings. The park is located in the mid-200 block of West 1st and 2nd Streets. 


In the mid-1970's, City Council approved plans to close up a section of Semisch Avenue to create a new park with a playground.  Today, Semisch Park still serves as a neighbourhood play space and this linear green space has become a busy corridor for pedestrians. Spectacular views to the waterfront, children’s play, open green space, and heritage trees all help to define the character of Semisch Park.

Related Information

Semisch Park

Waterfront Park - Lower Lonsdale Off-Leash Area

After consulting with the public, the City developed a one year pilot dog off-leash area in Waterfront Park. The area was 1500 square meters and located in the southern area of north Waterfront Park. During the pilot project, City staff monitored the park and off-leash area.

After the pilot program concluded, the public was once again consulted, and upgrades were made, including:

  • expanded space
  • new surfacing
  • improved drainage
  • reduced the slope

Review the presentation information and the results of the public consultations:

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