False Alarm Reduction Program

The City’s False Alarm Reduction Program aims to reduce the number of false alarms that require police and fire response.

A false alarm is an incident that resulted in the North Vancouver RCMP or City Fire Department attendance at a property where there is no apparent or actual evidence of an unauthorized entry or unlawful act. 

False alarm call-outs – typically triggered by faulty security alarm systems – are a costly drain on police and fire resources. Properties with multiple annual false alarms are a particular concern, as these calls use significant police and fire time that should be directed to higher priority needs. 

The City’s Security Alarm System Bylaw sets out a graduated fee structure for false alarm call-outs attended to by the RCMP that’s consistent with the City’s fire false alarm fees (see Fire Bylaw 8852), and more closely represents the actual cost of attending alarm call-outs. We aim for a targeted cost recovery of about 50 percent. 

False Alarm Fees

The fee structure is based on the calendar year. It includes a warning only for the first offence within the calendar year, followed by graduated fees for additional false alarms, as follows:

  • First response to false alarm – warning issued, no fee
  • Second false alarm - $150
  • Third false alarm - $250
  • Fourth false alarm - $400
  • Fifth false alarm - $600
  • Subsequent responses to false alarms within the calendar year - $900

False alarm fees are billed by the City to the property owner or occupier with payment information allowing for ease of administration. Unpaid fees are collected through the annual property tax collection process.  

Property Owner Responsibilities

As a property owner or occupier, you are responsible for the proper use, installation, maintenance, and operation of any security alarm system or fire alarm system installed on or in your property, in order prevent false alarms.

To avoid false alarm fees, owners/occupiers are encouraged to:

  • Ensure alarm systems are working properly;
  • Regularly maintain alarm systems; and
  • Regularly update contact information with your alarm monitoring service and instruct them to contact you or your identified property representative prior to contacting police or fire for attendance. 

Contact Us

Questions or inquiries about false security alarms can be emailed to NVFalseAlarms@rcmp-grc.gc.ca. For more information about police attendance to false alarms, visit the North Vancouver RCMP website.

Questions or inquiries about false fire alarms can be emailed to fire@cnv.org.

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