Unserviced Properties

One of the goals of the Drainage Utility project plan is to complete the remainder of the storm sewer over the next 15 to 25 years to provide a uniform level of service to all City residents. Currently properties without a storm sewer available are addressed as follows:

  • Duplexes or other sub-divided properties have the responsibility to extend the storm sewer to their property. In these situations, the City will provide a design for a storm sewer for any work that would be constructed by City utility crews.  The applicant is only charged the direct cost of the installation. Alternatively, applicants can have the utility constructed by their own contractor, provided that a Professional Engineer is used to prepare and certify the design and construction of the work.

  • Single family homes or in-fill coach houses on un-serviced properties have the opportunity to either have the storm sewer extended to their property or an on-site 10-year return period Stormwater Management Facility is required.

Extension of storm sewers for Single Family Homes is based on a rate of $1,100/m, based on the total width of the lot. Therefore, for a 15.2 m (50’) wide lot, a total fee about $16,720 would be applied and the remainder of the cost would be paid from the drainage utility. This has been established to support the extension of storm sewers.

A 10-year return period Stormwater Management Facility would be a stormwater storage and infiltration design sized for the 10-year return storm. These facilities must be designed and certified by a Professional Engineer where the cost of the engineering could meet or exceed the typical $16,720 extension cost. In the past, the City has accepted “rock pit” infiltration facilities, but is moving away from rock pits in favour of underground tanks and pre-manufactured infiltration chambers for better maintenance and longevity.

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