Child Care Capital Improvement Fund

The City of North Vancouver is offering grants to registered non-profit societies for the purpose of expanding, repairing, renovating or purchasing new equipment for child care facilities in the City.

Who May Apply

Registered non-profit societies whose primary activity is the provision of child care services. The City is also an eligible applicant to this fund.


Grants from this fund will only be made for projects that are capital in nature. Funds will not be provided for operating costs, salaries, program implementation or expansion, needs assessments, conferences or other special events, travel, training, etc. Examples of projects that will be considered include:

  • Physical expansion, renovation, or repair of existing child care facilities;
  • The purchase of equipment (e.g. play equipment, furniture, appliances) for the express use of a child care facility.

Preference will be given to projects that:

  • Are located in Lower Lonsdale, Queen Mary School vicinity or Mahon Park vicinity;
  • Give particular attention to meeting the child care needs of low-income families and the need for infant / toddler care; part-time short-term or emergency care; extended or flexible hours care, and school-aged care;
  • Can demonstrate that the proposed facility is located in the City of North Vancouver, and that the majority of the families served will, or do, reside in the City of North Vancouver;
  • Can demonstrate the commitment, or potential commitment, of other funders.

Applicants should contact a Community Planner at the City in advance of preparing the proposal to discuss the eligibility of the proposed project. Applicants should also meet with the Municipal Child Care consultant at the North Shore Child Care Resource Society (604-985-2988) to:

  • Determine if the proposed project will address unmet needs in the City of North Vancouver;
  • Receive information on other potential funding sources;
  • Receive statistical information on licensed facilities, licensed family care, and license-not-required child care in the City, and the corresponding number of requests from parents for each of those types of care.

Funding Available

Type of Project Level of Available Funding
Physical expansion, renovation, or major repair 50% of cost up to a maximum grant of $10,000
Purchase of equipment 50% of cost up to a maximum grant of $4,000

How to Apply

Applications for funding will be received at any time. The applicant society should develop a proposal outlining the following:

  • Name, address, phone and fax number
  • Mission statement
  • Principal contact and title
  • Registration number
  • Revenue Canada Tax Number (if applicable)
  • Number of City of North Vancouver residents currently using the services of the Society
  • Detailed outline of the proposed project, and use of the grant
  • Location of the facility where the grant will be used
  • Statement of need for the proposed project (should refer to information received from the North Shore Child Care Resource Society)
  • Type of child care that will be, or is, available at the facility (e.g., Group under 30 months, Group over 30 months, Pre-school, Kinder Care, Out-of-School Care, Child Minding)
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Detailed project budget
  • Other funders to the proposed project, and the amount of committed or potential funding (including in-kind commitments)
  • Names, positions and addresses of the President and Directors of the Society
  • Audited financial statements from the most recent fiscal year (statements from previous years may be requested)
  • An Annual Report (if available)

Applicants should also include letters of support from the community for the proposed project. Submit completed proposals to:

Community Planner
City of North Vancouver
141 West 14th Street
North Vancouver, B.C. V7M 1H9
Tel: (604) 982-3993
Fax: (604) 985-0576


In order to ensure that the capital projects made possible through these grants continue to serve the residents of the City of North Vancouver, the City may seek to enter into a legal agreement regarding the sale of funded land, facilities, and equipment. All grant recipients are required to submit an evaluation of the project at its completion using a form to be provided by the City.

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