The New Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

Over the next three years, we’re building a new community recreation centre that will embrace the City’s vision of A Healthy City for All, and focus on physical and mental health, wellness, inclusion, and diversity.

Development of the new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre (HJCRC) is now underway in the heart of Central Lonsdale. Construction began with site preparation and excavation for the new centre, which will be located on the north side of East 23rd Street between Lonsdale Avenue and St Georges Avenue. 

As the City’s largest ever capital program, replacement of the 56-year-old HJCRC includes an arena with a 500-spectator capacity, more aquatic space, indoor and outdoor fitness amenities, new skate park, preschool and youth spaces and a new facility for Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre. Underground parking will maximize the site’s buildable space.

The current Harry Jerome, Memorial, and Mickey McDougall Community Recreation Centres, and Centennial Theatre will remain open and operating during construction. The site of the current HJCRC will become home to a new development, a multi-phase project which will provide a variety of housing types, including leasehold condo, below-market/market rental, non-profit housing, and seniors assisted living.

What’s Happening Now

The horizontal concrete slab work is nearing completion with only a couple large pours remaining.  Structural steel has arrived on site and is being assembled for erection over the pool area.  BC Hydro infrastructure is completed and East 23rd Street paving has been restored. 


Project Details

Project Info Sheets

Construction Timeline

The project remains on track and the project scope and timelines remain unchanged. Construction will take place over a three year period, between spring 2022 and 2025. 

The schedule includes:

  • March 2022 – Site preparation and demolition work on the north side of East 23rd Street. 
  • June 2022 – Foundation work.
  • Summer 2022 – Financing finalized and construction phase authorized.
  • Fall 2022 – Permitting and start of construction.
  • 2023 – Foundation concrete to grade
  • 2024 – Major building structure and envelope works
  • 2025 – Interiors, commissioning and landscaping
  • Late 2025 – Substantial Completion of the new HJCRC
  • Early 2026 - Opening celebration.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we work to transform the site to make way for the new centre.

Construction & Parking Impacts


During construction, single lane alternating traffic will be in place for the majority of the project. Temporary road closures may be required. Signage will be posted showing alternate routes and flag personnel will be on site to help keep traffic moving. For project updates, visit


Onsite parking is closed to allow for construction of the new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre. A limited number of parking spots are available at North Shore Alliance Church and other areas nearby. See map for details. Please consider walking, cycling or taking transit.

Harry Jerome project parking lot closures 

Sports Field

Norseman Field closed in March 2022 to allow for construction of the new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre. A large, new park will be built as part of an adjacent development in the future. In the interim, we encourage you to use other nearby parks and trails in the City.


As part of the redevelopment of the site, 86 trees will be removed to facilitate construction. The row of street trees along Lonsdale Avenue frontage are being retained.

209 new trees will be planted as part of the project’s landscape plan. This means that for every one tree removed, more than two trees will be planted.

We are looking into ways to reuse some of the larger trees on the site and this evaluation is ongoing.

The project is also contributing $40,000 to the City’s tree planting program which will add 54 street trees to the City’s tree canopy. This is in support of the City’s new tree protection bylaw and urban forest management strategy that is underway to better manage trees in our community and ensure a healthy urban forest for future generations.

Skate Park

The City is building a new skate park as part of the redevelopment of the new Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre (HJCRC). Budgeted at 1.2 million, the new skate park will be completed for the opening of the new facility in 2025. 

Community Consultation Process

Planning, consultation and design for the new skate park began in 2018 and included a comprehensive consultation process with the local skateboard community as detailed below.

April 2018 – Design Workshop #1

The first design workshop helped determine the overall vision for the style of skate park. Approximately 25 members from the skateboard community attended and provided feedback on desired features, materials and layout options. There was overwhelming support to create a space that felt like a public plaza but is built specifically for skateboarding.

This workshop included a presentation by the skate park designers - New Line Skateparks - two dotmocracy exercises, participant feedback forms, and an open group discussion. The most requested design features included:

  • Flow and ease of movement
  • Different zones 
  • Wide variety of ledge features
  • Low to medium impact stair sets 
  • A ‘cornerstone’ high starting point to allow for views of the entire skate plaza 
  • Integrated seating / social space

May 2018 – Open House at CityFest

As the largest Youth Week event in the Lower Mainland, CityFest provided an opportunity to engage the general community with information about skate park considerations and offer a chance to ask questions and provide feedback. The project received a high level of support from the community.  

May 2018 – Design Workshop #2

The second design workshop presented two conceptual designs for the new skate park, which were based on input received from the first workshop and CityFest. Approximately 30 members of the skateboard community attended and provided feedback on a preferred design.

Through an open and informed conversation, the opportunities and challenges of each design were discussed in detail. Concept 1 emerged as the preferred design, with 92% of participants selecting it as their preferred option. Other topics of discussion included potential for a roof structure, lighting and other amenities such as water fountains and seating. 

skate park design concepts

July 2022 – Final Design

After the skate park engagement completed, Council directed staff to reassess the proposed recreation facility to ensure it was rightsized for our community. While the reassessment resulted in significant changes to the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre project since 2019 – as well as a revised timeline for construction – the final design for the skate park retains the community’s preferred design vision of creating a street-style skate park that is integrated into the surrounding landscape.

The skate park layout provides an abundance of open space with a variety of features such as benches, rails, steps and banks, creating a dynamic urban plaza specifically tailored to the skateboard experience. One of the signature features of the design is a seven foot tall, forty foot long 'wall ride' built directly into the exterior of the building.

Other skate park features include:

  • Gathering zone and starting area
  • 8 stair, 5 stair, and 2 stair features
  • Flatground zone
  • Wall ride transition feature
  • Main lower plaza with multiple bank hips
  • Viewing and seating area

Skate Park Design Renderings

HJCRC New Skate Park

Mahon Skate Park

The new Mahon Skate Plaza is now open at Mahon Park to support skateboarding in the City while HJCRC’s new skate park is being constructed. The skate plaza will be a permanent feature with opportunities for all skill levels. Public engagement on the design was held in May 2022 and included an online survey and design workshop with members of the skateboard community. 

Learn more at


The updated financial strategy combines low-interest, short-term financing from B.C.’s Municipal Financing Authority (MFA) to fund the construction of HJCRC, and through disposition of city-owned land when the project is completed in 2025. While delivering this important project, mitigating the financial impact on taxpayers remains a key priority.

The financial strategy for HJCRC/SH utilizes a variety of funding sources and processes:

  • Utilization of City reserves and Municipal Finance Authority (MFA) loan;
  • Future disposition of Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands (HJNL);
  • Phased procurement to mitigate market escalation;
  • Modified project delivery to phase works within financial capacity;
  • Contracts awarded once funding in place; and
  • Value engineering to mitigate tender pricing

The budget for the complex has now been updated to $230 million, and incorporates the contract prices of 86% of works tendered throughout 2022, costs related to soil remediation and an increased allowance for contingency and escalation for untendered works. Market conditions have impacted original cost estimates substantially in a number of trade packages.


The projects in the overall HJ site redevelopment program are:

  • Construction of a new HJCRC
  • Relocation and construction of a new North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club and lawn bowling facilities;
  • Relocation of the Flicka Gymnastics Club to the Mickey McDougall Community Recreation Centre;
  • Relocation and construction of a new Silver Harbour Centre;
  • Relocation of electrical power Centennial Theatre; and
  • Delivery of a new community park on the Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands (HJNL).

In November 2021, the City terminated its Offer to Lease for Phase 2 of the HJNL as a result of the developer not meeting a key contractual term of the agreement – prompting Council’s request for an updated Financial Strategy for the project.

View the full details of the proposed Financial Strategy, Council Report and Presentation to Council from February 13, 2023


Design Elements

Amenities in the New Community Recreation Centre

The development of a new state-of-the-art facility will deliver exceptional experiences, programs and services to all community members.

The community recreation centre will be home to a wide range of new and improved recreational, cultural and green space improvements including:

  • community atrium and gathering areas
  • arena with seating for 500 spectators
  • significantly more aquatic space
  • indoor and outdoor fitness spaces
  • full-size gymnasium
  • numerous multipurpose spaces
  • preschool and youth spaces
  • outdoor active/passive areas
  • arts space
  • community kitchen
  • new skate park
  • nature play area
  • a multi-activity court

Sustainable Design

The new HJCRC’s sustainable design and building materials are key priorities to minimize the impact on the environment while improving building performance. The new community recreation centre will play a role in advancing the City’s Corporate Climate Action Plan by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, with an energy savings of 53% from the National Energy Code for Buildings 2017 baseline. Currently, the HJCRC accounts for 29% of the City’s building greenhouse gas emissions.

Other sustainable efforts at the new recreation centre will include: 

  • maximizing heat recovery through C02 refrigeration;
  • a highly insulated building envelope;
  • maximizing rain-water re-use on site;
  • extensive natural daylight and passive solar strategies;
  • innovative low-energy pool filtration system; and,
  • electric vehicle and bike charging stations. 

Accessible Design

Driven by the City’s vision of A Healthy City for All and guided by the City’s Community Recreation Strategy, the new HJCRC is focused on physical and mental wellness, inclusion, accessibility and diversity.

The new facility will create a barrier-free, accessible space for everyone and is pursuing the gold standard in the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification program.

Design of the Recreation Centre

Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

Video of New Community Recreation Centre Exterior & Interior


Project Background

Project Background Timeline

For the past several years, the City has engaged with stakeholders and the public regarding the direction and scope of the HJCRC program.

Timeline of recent Council direction:

  • March 29, 2022 - Ground breaking with City representatives and dignitaries (see April 1, 2022 news story).
  • February 28, 2022 – Council gives greenlight to start development of the new HJCRC.
  • January 2022 – Council approves new financial strategy for HJCRC, ensuring project remains on track.
  • November 22, 2021 – Council directs staff to keep the current centre open until the new one is complete.
  • April 12, 2021 – Council approves a new design for Harry Jerome.
  • January 2021 – City announced it will align the delivery of the new facility with the development of the surrounding Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands to mitigate financial risk.
  • March 2020 – Council directed staff to redesign Harry Jerome based on the prioritization process of the City’s Community Recreation Strategy. 
  • February 2020 – The Community Recreation Strategy – “A Healthy City for All – The Role of Community Recreation” was endorsed by Council at the February 24 meeting. 
  • May 2019 – The deferred report was received and filed at the May 13 Council meeting. Staff were directed to undertake a Community Recreation Strategy, inclusive of HJCRC and associated projects.
  • March 2019 – A report outlining potential cost reductions and risk mitigation measures was brought forward for Council’s consideration. The report was deferred at the March 4, 2019 Council meeting.
  • November 2018 – Council requested that staff consider additional risk mitigation and cost containing strategies for the HJCRC project.
  • July 2018 – Council directed staff to proceed with detailed design and refined costing of the HJCRC facility and program. 

Project Partners

The HJCRC redevelopment project is being designed by HCMA Architecture + Design, which has delivered award-winning community recreation centre projects throughout the Lower Mainland and across Canada.

MAKE Project Management has been hired to manage the project, and Smith Bros & Wilson is the general contractor for the project.

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